It all started in 1974 with a band called " the Rats /Then"ICON" featuring Chuck Brown a classical guitar genius and Alan Waugh a percussionist . In 1977 a new glam /alternative high energy band " Ronno " was formed with new supporting members on the drums, and bass. The band played their first of many shows @ club that later was to become tagged as the "punk rock Museum" in TO, a club called " The Turning Point ". The club owner Joe was so impressed by "Ronno" at a first glance he booked the band every Saturday for one year. "Ronno" gigged at other clubs in TO Hamilton ,and were again favorites at both college / university pubs also. Although the band had measured success they morphed again, after going through several support players founding members Alan Waugh and Chuck Brown wanted to form an inclusive band . Kevin MacNamee became the new drummer and Mike Bernachi became the new bass player.This new band had began a new journey and collectively came up with a new formula to increase revenue and exposure. That plan was to become a cover band that played the songs by the artists that had so influenced them and to then introduce new original material also. In 1979 the band came out as " Midnight Rambler" and hit the clubs again covering The Stones Bowie Mott The Hoople and T Rex while strategically introducing original material . This new formula worked very well gigging at clubs like Larry's Hideaway The Silver Dollar The Elmocambo The Upper Lip Nickelodeon The Gladstone etc...The Band resisted the changes in the current music culture. They were approached by Greg Houghton a friend and believer in the song writers material. Greg asked if they would consider forming an "original band" to show case the bands music in hopes of getting signed Greg agreed to also manage the band . So In 1981-1984 the band as "one" writing new material , creating a new image and changing the band's name to "Little Alex" inspired by the film " A Clockwork Orange " became quite successful on the club scene while also engaging the University and College campuses in Toronto Oakville and Hamilton. "Little Alex " were also added on some local concert billings as well. On a point of interest "Little Alex" also played on the same circuit as some club bands Oliver Heavyside Trixie Goes Hollywood Goddo Teenage Head The Diodes etc... and again found favor in 1983 with a club manager at "Derringers" and once again landed another one year gig at the club in Toronto Friday nights .Many acts would frequent the club including a tight three piece band "Mars" who would open for "Little Alex" . Band members took notice of a song that "Mars" had written and preformed a catchy tune entitled " New Girl Now" . This relationship would soon become "Little Alex's " claim to fame, but also ironically become the end of the band as well . All that time and all the hard work would finally catch up to the band and any success accomplished would quickly disappear. An agent had heard "Little Alex" at Derringers and arranged a showcase for the band at the "Elmocambo" Nov 15th 1984 playing with another up and coming band 'MEDIA MANIA" . The bands would be playing for a record label and industry management team in attendance, a new manager was going to get one band signed to record deal . "Little Alex" were burnt out dealing with internal battles personal relationships and drifting interests basically blew it probably preformed their worst show ever ! The band "Mars" eventually got that recording deal and it was clinched with the demo song they submitted and which won a Q107 Homegrown contest and went on to be recorded and become a hit " New Girl Now". The record label added two bodies for looks and they changed their name to "Honeymoon suite" the rest is history. After "Little Alex" broke up Alan and Chuck went on their separate ways to individual solo projects however only Chuck persevered going on to a full time career in music. 19 years later .. at Chuck Brown's b-day party at he and his wife's art studio MT Wall in Toronto many of the bands fans friends and family were invited for the very special occasion. Chuck and Alan were reunited and later in the evening someone brought out a couple of guitars and the two tried to play a couple of songs and someone suggested a reunion show ? After months of shaking off the rust for Alan and Mike who were retired from music for those 19 years the band was successfully booked by Craig Laskey @ the Horseshoe for " January 16 2003 @ the Horseshoe Tavern" in what was called " A Reunion @ the Shoe" a show for "Little Alex ". The show was packed out with bus loads of old fans coworkers family and friends. The night was so "electric" and was probably the best show the band "Little Alex " had ever played ,and probably even more important the band was still "one" again . The band surprised by the success, then chose carefully and gigged strategically from 2003 - 2006, ending with another reunion of sorts playing the Horseshoe Tavern again in support of old mates "Trixie Goes Hollywood" then again @ a show @ the Gig Theatre a new venue in Kitchener with "The Kings" and "Trixie Goes Hollywood". In the summer of 2008" Little Alex " hit cottage country with The Kings and Trixe Goes Hollywood with a show @ the KEE in Bala! Update 2009 : Well they are at it again ! "Little Alex" will team up with Kim and "Smooth Monkey" this year in an effort to raise awareness of the Organization ...Urban EX "Change the World by Changing You" this summer with the beginning of " The UrbanEx Outta the Box Tour" starting Fri June 26th @ the Oakville Waterfront Festival with Smooth Monkey and the Kings . Update 2010 : After a brush with death and the loss of my voice took a year off:) now just getting my voice back and recording again. Planning a mini tour "Best of Both Worlds 2012" Somehow its just not as it seems....Stay tuned the best is yet to come:)

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