The Last Nerd is a novel written by Luke Ullrich.

Plot Summary

Gordon McDonald is a fifteen year old boy living in year 2075. In 2075 the majority of people are supposedly genetically engineered to eliminate all genetic imperfections. Gordon McDonald's family is part of the anti genetic modification movement. They call themselves the AntiGens for short. The AntiGens never genetically modify their kids. Since Gordon isn’t genetically modified he has severe congenital myopia and a severe underbite. One day Gordon wakes with an eye infection. Gordon is forced to go to school wearing his five year old backup glasses. His back up glasses are too small for his face. He can’t see the chalkboard at school properly because his glasses aren’t strong enough. His classmates make fun of him and call him names like “blindie”, “squinty” and “four eyes”. At the end of the day a football player throws him in the garbage. When he gets home he refuses to go to school until he can wear contact lenses again. The next day at a doctor’s appointment Gordon discovers his eye infection requires genetic therapy. His parents do not allow him to get genetic therapy. They buy him new glasses instead. He is forced to go back to school and endure more ridicule. A bully beats him up when he comes to school. His glasses break. After that incident he is transferred to private school. The bullying isn’t much better, but more adult supervision prevents him from being beat up. One day Gordon is so sick of being bullied he sneaks a weapon to his school. He attacks all of the people who bullied him and ends up in detention. After the incident he is sent to a mental hospital. In the mental hospital he meets Connor. Connor claims that the genetic modifications make people compliant and less intelligent. At first Gordon thinks he is crazy, but then he realizes that mental hospitals are used to control people who the government thinks is not compliant enough. Connor and Gordon escape the mental hospital and they educate the public about genetic modification.

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