The Great North Pole Polar Bear Enclosure was a project conducted by Albert Schwartz with the help of a team of architects, geographers and specialists on polar bear behaviour. The entire project took 6 years and was a huge success.

How it started

In 1957 Albert Schwartz finished his final year at The University of Copenhagen, where he studied Geography. He decided to take a year out before searching for a job and so he used this time to explore the Arctic. While there he came up with the idea of a Polar Bear Enclosure. This idea involved bringing penguins from the South Pole, to the North Pole, their original habitat. However, he knew that the polar bears would eat the penguins, and so he came up with the enclosure.


In 1958, Schwartz put his plan into action and gathered a skilled team of people to help him achieve The Great North Pole Polar Bear Enclosure. Some of these people were old friends from his days at university. He had some incredibley skilled architects design the enclosure, while he worked with specialists on polar bear behaviour to work out how to get the polar bears in the enclosure. During this time Albert married Freeja Baxter, who he had started dating during his gap year.


In 1961, Albert's wife became a problem. An avid member of WWF, she started organising protests against what Albert was doing, saying that it wasn't fair on the polar bears. Eventually, this drove Albert to the edge and, putting his career first, broke off the marriage. The couple were divorced on November 8th 1961.


By 1962, all research was complete and Albert received planning permission for the enclosure. At this stage, he had to bring in a team of builders to speed up the process. With 32 builders and 8 architects, the enclosure took 18 months to build. Once it was finished, they immediately began rounding up the polar bears while Schwartz and some geographers set off for the South Pole for the penguins. By the time they returned the enclosure was full and the penguins could roam freely.

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