Once there was a teenager named Charlie Dare. He woke up to find that his grandmother had died and that they had to go to her house later. When they get there, they begin to look around the house when a kid throws a rock through the window. When the rock hits the wall, it opens up a secret room that has a pedestal with a book on it. They all go to examine it when they discover that the old story their grandpa told them was coming true. They then begin flipping through the diary to find that there has a map on how to get to the world the settles in the clouds above New York called Hanton. They then leave to go up to the world when they discover that they all have powers (the power to control people’s minds and to hear what each other think. After they are done learning their news powers, they go up into the empire state building and discover the overworld of Hanton. When they first enter, they meet a man named Lou. He says that he is the one who guides new teletons on their journey through the world. He then gives them a thing called a Tetheatech, which is a mirror that will let them see where all of their family members are. After they are done talking, Lou and his brother, Saw, take them into a training area that has dummies in it and a bunch of ruble that they use their powers to throw at the dummies. Charlie is able to hit three of the four dummies in less than a minute and misses on the last dummy. His mother, Victoria, is able to hit only one of the dummies in a minute. When his sister tries, she is able to make the whole earth shift to destroy the dummies. Lou notices her power and discovers that she is the Princess of Earth. Lou then comes to tell Charlie and Victoria about her new power. As they sink in the thought of Sara being special, a giant troll jumps down and tries to attack them. Quickly, Charlie is able to destroy it by using his powers to throw a bolder at it. Charlie then goes to bed in their new overworld home. The next day, they discover that their grandmother was the Princess of Earth before Sara was. Sara then begins training with her new powers while Charlie and Victoria are working on learning how to destroy a whole structure without having to stop their powers. They also learn some ways that they can combine their powers to destroy things. They are then taken to lunch where they have biscuits and sausage. Charlie is surprised and notes that on Earth, they eat that for breakfast. After lunch they are taken to war training where they learn the different positions warriors play in a war. Then it is time for bed. Charlie has a dream about a dragon coming and attacking the world, only to wake to find that it is true. He jumps from his bed, grabs his armor and runs to go help his family. When they get there, Lou tells him that these are the forces of Grim, an ancient alliance sworn to destroy Hanton. The dragon swoops down and picks up Saw, and begins trying to force him to come back to their kingdom. Saw then trys to weigh down the dragon with his powers. They all continue to try and stop the dragon. Sara then tries bringing up a piece of the Earth which finally stops the dragon. Saw falls out of the dragons mouth.

Release Date

The book is scheduled to be released in Winter 2013 via Amazon Kindle Direct Publisher™. It will be under the title The Forgotten Diary.

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