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The History of "The Flaming Stars" & "The Devils, two German Rock'n Roll Bands from the 1960s

The Flaming Stars Band was founded in 1962 in Velbert, Germany and performed until 1968

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Velbert, a small town in Germany was a breeding center for excellent Rock'n Roll Bands in the 1960s.

Two of the most well known Velbert Rock Bands were "The Devils" and "The Flaming Stars".

Young musicians, some were still teenagers and some were in their early twenties. They bought first inexpensive gear starting in 1962 and when the pay went up, they changed for example to Fender, Gibson, Vox and Ludwig.

They played tunes from Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison, Little Richard, Fats Domino, Bill Haley and many other Rock'n Roll Stars. In addition to the vocals they played instrumental tunes from the Shadows, Spotnicks, Ventures, etc.

The Flaming Stars Players

The Flaming Stars had basically two time-frames. From 1962 to 1965 the main musicians were Manfred van Füllpen (Vocal), Werner Berndt (Guitar & Vocal), Hansi Lösch (Guitar), Werner Schwarz (Bass) und Milan Sremac (Drums). From 1966 to 1968 the following musicians played with The Flaming Stars: Manfred van Fülpen (Vocal), Friedhelm Goldschmidt (Guitar & Vocal), Happu Otterbach (Keyboard), Manfred Benecken (Bass & Vocal) und Volker Stein (Drums). Additional musicians in that time-frame were Herbert Lorenzet (Drums), Hansi Schulz (Keyboard & Vocal) and Lee Reed (Keybaord & Vocal.

The Flaming Stars Venues

The Flaming Stars played for many years in the Venue "Flora" Velbert, sometimes 4 to 5 Gigs per week and almost all of the concerts were sold out. Other Velbert Venues were Langensiepen, Glittenberg, Blaue Grotte, Fusel Brackmann, Bürgerhaus, Rheinischer Hof.

Venues outside Velbert :
Eisenhammer Kupferdreh, Bürgerhaus Langenberg, Lembeck Hattingen, Ranchhaus Kettwig, Lido Essen, Starclubs in Gelsenkirchen & Bochum, Tanz Cafe Jansen Hilden, Club 99 Düsseldorf, Rheinischer Hof Schwelm, Corso in Mülheim.

The Devils Band was founded in 1964 in Velbert, Germany and performed until 1972

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The Devils Musicians

Charly (Karl-Heinz) Vierkotten (Vocal & Guitar), Max Mueller (Guitar & Vocal) Until March 1965, Manfred Benecken (Bass & Vocal). Helmut Goeressen (Guitar & Vocal) April 1965 to November 1965.

The Devils Venues

Januar: Tante Olga, Duisburg - Februar: Club 99, Osnabrück - März-April: Cafe Roma, Kaiserslautern - Mai: Tante Olga, Duisburg - Juni: Ranch House, Kettwig - Juli: Tante Olga, Duisburg - August: Tanzpalette, Gelsenkirchen - September: Club 99, Düsseldorf - Oktober: Derby, Mönchengladbach - November: Club 99, Osnabrück - Dezember: Tanzpalette, Gelsenkirchen.

Concerts: Flora, Velbert - Corso, Mülheim - Stadthalle, Bingen - Tanzbar, Pinneberg - Tanzlokal, Gladbeck - Bürgerhaus, Langenberg & Velbert - Langensiepen, Velbert

The Re-Union 2010 & 2011

Three Bands performed in 2010 and 2011 six Re-Union Gigs in Saulheim (Rheinhessen) and Velbert Germany. Many Fans from the 60s came to the concerts and the good old Rock'n Roll time came back. Many friends met after 30 - 40 years and were excited about seeing each other and exchange personal life experience. The fans were also excited and surprised by the professional and high quality level Music the band delivered. Musicians from the Flaming Stars and friends from Ted & Die Fremden and The Devils performed as the core band at all six Gigs. Further Re-Union concerts are not planned.

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