The Filaments are a street-punk band with brass. They formed in 2000 in Chelmsford, Essex UK. Influences cited include Rancid, The Clash, Operation Ivy, The Business, The 4-Skins, and The Specials.


Their debut album 'Skull and Trombones' was released in 2001 on New Blood Records and tours with The Casualties, Deadline and Roger Miret and The Disasters followed this release. The Filaments gained a reputation for their immense live shows in the UK, and on the European mainland.

Their second album ‘..Whats Next?’ was released in 2004 on Household Name Records. This time the band showed a greater depth in song writing; UK '82 style punk was mixed with a wide range of influences including Dub, 2-tone influenced ska and Psychobilly. Following this release The Filaments went on to tour alongside popular U.S acts such as The Horrorpops and Leftover Crack, as well as playing festivals including Glastonbury, Wasted / Rebellion (Blackpool), Rude Boys Unity (Geneva) and Punk 'n' Disorderly (Berlin).

The Filaments performed a live session on Mike Davies Radio 1 punk show in 2005.

In 2005, lead vocalist Jon Fawkes emigrated to America and The Filaments subsequently disbanded. On the 10th July 2005 they played their farewell show at the City Invasion tour at The Astoria, London.

In March 2006 The Filaments played two sold out reunion shows at The Relentless Garage in Highbury, London with punk band Deadline and the Rebellion punk festival in Blackpool Winter gardens August 2007.

In August 2009 they reformed to support Suicide Bid at The Relentless Garage, Highbury London. Jon Fawkes had moved back to the UK permanently at this time and later The Filaments officially announced they had reformed.

The Filaments are currently recording a new record set for release in 2012.

Side Projects

Suicide Bid

Lead vocalist Jon Fawkes also heads up the collaborative project Suicide Bid, which has featured ex-members of The King Blues, The Skints, Ex-Cathedra, P.A.I.N, Inner Terrestrials, Deathskulls, Sonic Boom Six, The Foamers, King Prawn and more. Suicide Bid mix reggae, dub, punk and dancehall, and have a new album expected for release in 2012.

The Babylon Whackers

In the summer of 2007, The Filaments recorded an album under the name The Babylon Whackers - expressing their love of 2-tone ska and heavy dub reggae. Joined by vocalists Majah Tunder and Babar Luck (previously of King Prawn), their album ‘Happy Days With….’ was released in 2008 through Rebel Alliance.

The 241ers

Whilst living in America lead singer Jon Fawkes joined forces with Stockyard Stoics’ Joe Piglett and Brendan Bekowies and formed political acoustic outfit The 241ers. Their debut album ‘Murderers’ was released in 2008 on Dirty Faces and Household Name Records. This album featured guest musicians from members of The Hold Steady, World/Inferno Friendship Society and Morning Glory.

Jonny One Lung

Lead vocalist Jon Fawkes also performs as an acoustic artist under the name Jonny One Lung - a nickname given to him by Argy Bargy drummer Ray Bussey after his lung collapsed on stage at The Army & Navy, Essex in 2000.

Black Radio

Lead guitarist / second vocalist Mike Jones also fronts rock n roll punk band Black Radio. Their debut E.P ‘No Frills, No Skills, Stripped Down & Faster Thank Your V8’ was self released in 2006. The Black Radio / The Ruling Class split 7" was released in 2007 through Bootleg Booze Records.


Bassist Herve Laurent also plays bass in punk band Deadline.

Slow Science & Axes

Drummer Al Gunby currently drums for indie punk band Slow Science and math rock band Axes. Gunby was also the drummer for The King Blues featuring on studio album ‘Save The World Get The Girl.’

Beat The Red Light

Trombonist Pookie is also the frontman for thrash ska band Beat The Red Light.

The Ambition

Trumpet player Iain Mackaye was the bass player in hardcore punk band The Ambition.


Saxophone player Pete Hudson is also a professional wrestler under the name Vladamir the Bear.


  • Jon Fawkes (aka Jonny One Lung): Lead vocals, Guitar
  • Mike Jones (aka The Boss): Vocals, Lead Guitar
  • Herve Laurent : Bass, Back-up Vocals
  • Al Gunby (aka Funk Gun) : Drums
  • Iain Mackaye (aka Bones): Trumpet, Back-up Vocals
  • Pete Hudson (aka Vladamir the Bear) : Saxophone, Back-up Vocals
  • Pookie : Trombone, Back-up Vocals

Former Members

  • Meg Charnly : Trombone
  • John Poulton : Bass
  • Tim Wilson : Drums
  • Rob Bellman : Trumpet
  • Paul Humberstone : Trombone


Year Title Label
2001 Skull & Trombones New Blood Records
2001 The Filaments / Deadline Split 'Punk Unity' DSS Records
2003 The Filaments & BBK & Body Bag & Beans 'Mucho Mas Chaos' Infested Records
2004 ...What's Next? Household Name Records
2007 Stockyard Stoics / The Filaments 'The Special Relationship' Roots Rock Rebel


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