The Dumping Ground is a upcoming 2013 children's television show. It is a spin-off of The Story of Tracy Beaker and Tracy Beaker Returns, and will have 13 half-hour long episodes, the first being a double episode, so will be an hour long but will count as two episodes.


1-2. Home Alone/Liberty in the DG

Left alone in the house, The Dumping Ground goes mad, with Carmen and Lily planning a night out and the kids enjoying their taste of freedom. Soon, food and money become short, anarchy breaks out, and rules fly out of the window. As the Young People start to turn on each other, Elektra plans her escape...

3. Baby

When her dad's pregnant girlfriend Shannay moves into the flat, Lily rebels and returns to the Dumping Ground. But soon, Shannay goes into early labour, and Lily fears the worst: if anything happens to the baby, it will be down to her.

4. SOS

Jody returns to her family and at first everything seems fine, but when she turns up at the Dumping Ground with a bag of swag it's obvious that her brother Kingsley has been stealing. When Kingsley comes to collect Jody, she's terrified, so it's up to Carmen to mount a rescue mission for her friend.

5. What would Gus want?

The Dumping Ground is divided when a same-sex couple show an interest in fostering Gus. As Johnny and Elektra come to blows about whether gay couples should be allowed to adopt, Gus is in turmoil about leaving the Dumping Ground and father figure Mike behind.

I only have found out these episodes yet but will update when find out more information.

By CoolDan3

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