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The Constitutional Monarchy Of Scoussia
Scoussian flag
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
Motto: A Umbras Corruptionis Emergit Lux Veritatis (Translation: From the Shadows of Corruption Emerges the Light of Truth)
National Anthem: Temprarily the Tetris theme
Official language English, Spanish, and Pig Latin
Denonym Scoussian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Legislature The Three Goverment Head
Founded May 3, 2012
Area >25 acres
Location Las Vegas, Nevada, 25 acres on the moon and Alpha Centuari
Population (Total) 8 (living inside territory) 4 (outside) 4
Currency Libret ($1=50/100L)
Head of State King Aaron S. Morton I, Keeper Jesse Thornock and Diplomat Walter Kwong

The Constitutional Monarchy of Scoussia is one of the Newest micronations and is located mainly in Las Vegas, Nevada. This ministate has only eight citizens, four of which reside within Scoussian borders. Scoussia has three leaders, a Moanrch, a Keeper (aka. president), and a diplomat. Scoussia wasn't originally called Soussia, it was originally called the Communist Dictatorship of Aaronlovania, which was country that the current monarch of Scoussia created but failed to control. Scoussia has as well accepted a switzerland philosophy. Although Scoussia is currently a major work in progress, the country currently has a well established goverment along with a navy, army, and soon space program. The nation has three main goals, To stay as Nuetral as possible, bring liberty unto people, and prevent corruption.

The History of Scoussia

The history of the Constitutional Monarchy of Scoussia has short but intresting history involving the rise then fall of one nation and then the rise of a new one.

The Communist Dictatorship of Aaronlovania

The first known version of Scoussia was formed on June 30th, 2009 by Aaron when he was 12, formally known then as the Communist Dictatorship of Aaronlovania. This country's territory consiting of a quarter of his house and its main industry being diging for rocks. The country was doing well and becomig very prosperous. But this prosperity came to an end when the neighbors began to invade. Dictator Aaron Morton fell and resigned his territory back to America. This nation only lasted a week from June 30th- July 6th, 2009.

The Fall of an old nation and Rise of a New Nation

After the official dismanteling of the CDA on July 10th, 2009 with the retirement of the flag Aaron Morton sought to create CDA again, but never got to it due to the fact that he was busy doing other things. So thus the CDA was lost in time.

It wouldn't be untill the March of 2012 when Aaron was 15 that the idea of forming a nation came back to him. Aaron had heard of a nation called the Principality of Sealand, a country that intrigued him. He learned it was part of a group of nations known as Micronations. Aaron still courious continued to reasearch about micronations. It wasn't untill he found out about the Republic of Molossia that he wanted to form his own nation.

Inspired he went on began the adventure of starting his new nation

The Constitutional Monarchy of Scoussia

So Aaron went on the mission to for his new nation. He started by getting a couple of his friends to join in. It was then he created the country's first name "The Constitutional Monarchy of Aarjesswal". But that name was argued upon between Aaron, Jesse and Walter, so the name was put down till later. So they continued to form the country it was then set up that Aaron Morton would become King, Jesse Thornock would be come the Keeper (power like the president) and Walter Kwong would become the Diplomat. The name was also offcially created on April 20th, 2012 and was "The Constitutional Monarchy of Scoussia". It wasn't untill May 3rd, 2012 that the country gained sovereignty.

The Goverment

The Goverment is a Constitutional Monarchy, but the country is ran by the three goverment head. The Monarch, the Keeper and the Diplomat. All three of these tie into each other so much so that corruption is prevented.

The office of Monarch

The Monarch is to be the figure head of the Constitutional Monarchy of Scoussia. The Monarch is to sign laws that have been passed by the keeper and the people. The Monarch is to keep the CMS as neutral as possible. The Monarch is to help the diplomat as much as possible. The Monarch is to overlook what the Keeper of the Constitution does. The Monarch is to make sure the Keeper of the Constitution is just and upright. The office of Monarch is also heriditary. So the power of the king goes to the closest male relative (prefably the son).

The office of Keeper

The official name for this office is the Keeper of the Constitution. The Keeper is to be the main head and leader of the Constitutional Monarchy of Scoussia. The Keeper is to protect the constitution its rights and laws. The keeper is to propose new laws that well be voted for by the people. The keeper is to send the diplomat on missions. The Keeper is to overlook the monarch. The office of Keeper is voted upon.

The office of Diplomat

The Diplomat is to be the nation’s representative at International conferences and events along with the Monarch if the Monarch desires. The Diplomat is to go on diplomatic missions whenever the Monarch or Keeper desire. The Diplomat is to settle relations with our nation and other nations. The office of Diplomat is elected for


The Constitutional Monarchy of Scoussia has accepted a philosophy similar to Switzerland. Meaning that Scoussia will try to keep nuetrality in all conflicts as much as possible. Not declare war if possible. Try to form as few alliances as possible.


National symbols

The national animal and bird of Scoussia is the dove
The peace dove
in order to symbolize the country's Peace and Neutrality.

The National sport is currently being disputed.

The national food is cheese. Specifically Chedder. Cheese was chosen to show Scoussia's support for diversity.


The Constitutional is working on a broadcasting channel called SBS-YC1 (Scoussian Broadcasting System- Youtube Channel 1). Channel is to show news and updates on what the country is up to.

The CMS is also a major supporter in the olympics and has goals of on day participating in it.


The country os Scoussia's currency is known as the Libret (L). The libret is one of the only currencies to use fractions.

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