The Codex Foundation exists to preserve and promote the hand-made book as a work of art in the broadest possible context and to bring to public recognition the artists, the craftsmanship, and the rich history of the civilization of the book. The goal is to raise the consciousness of private and institutional collectors, and the bar of excellence for artists.

Through programs, the biennial book fairs, symposiums, and publications, public attention is brought to the importance and value of book arts in transmitting cultural history. The art and craft of the book depends upon the knowledge of traditional forms, design, and hand-manufacture; as well as familiarity with the traditional art techniques, latest technologies, imaging sciences, and automated printing machines. The Codex Foundation believes that without the patronage of educated consumers and collectors these time-honored traditions will disappear, and with them the skills and disciplines that are necessary to ensure the survival of the hand-produced book.

Publications: BOOK ART OBJECT and the Code(X) pamphlet series.

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