The Best Day Ever is an instrumental album written and composed by ProjectTJF. Although it is entirely instrumental it is a concept album that deals with themes such as conflict, ultimate desire, drug abuse, insanity and the passage of time. The album also has two references to the TV show SpongeBob SquarePants, the first is the title of the second track "Mindful of Your Wondering Eye", and the second is the album's title.

The album was made during the spring of 2012.


The entire album was written and composed entirely by ProjectTJF with the exception of a part of the intro guitar solo in "Have" composed by a friend of TJF's. TJF quoted in saying that, "I just took the most inspiration I had at the moment and just made them into music. Each song is about something I was inspired by, man." Two songs were cut from the album before it was finished, both in which were both named and finished. TJF's reason for this is because he felt the two weren't as good as the others that made it onto the album and that their music structures were too similar to the last track "And This Little Piggy Went To The Nut House". Two other songs were also going to be on the album, but were ultimately scrapped due to time restraints and unwillingness to work on them. Although not finished these two songs were named and had other themes not present on the finished version.


The Best Day Ever's musical themes include conflict, ultimate desire, drug abuse, insanity and the passage of time.

Mary, Molly and Lucy

"Mary, Molly and Lucy" kick starts the album in a way that TJF said was, "needed because of how sad the later songs sound and this one is really cheery. I also use this song and the album cover as a way of fooling the listener into thinking the album is filled with sunshine and farts." The names Mary, Molly, and Lucy are disguised names for three specific drugs, marijuana - Mary, ecstasy - Molly, LSD - Lucy, one of each are represented in certain parts in the song, the other sections of the song represent the after effects of each drug. The title of the song is about how drugs can sometimes be absorbed into someones personality causing them to always act as if they are on a drug. The main riff heard throughout the song was originally used on one of TJF's previous songs with a slightly different guitar part. TJF stated that, "I completely loved this riff when I first made it, but I felt like I could put it in a much better song that used it as the main riff, in fact I based the whole song around that riff. Its not like the previous song at all where the riff only appeared twice." At around 2 minutes it is the shortest song on the album.

Mindful of Your Wondering Eye

"Mindful of Your Wondering Eye" is the second song on the album, the theme of this song is conflict. The title is a quote taken from an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.

"There are two things the music is based off of. One is the come up on shrooms and how it can take you 'wondering' places for long periods of time, hence the long riffs in the song. And the other is about the conflict of good and evil, the first riff (evil) and the second riff (good) and how the struggle for total dominance over life itself. In the end it shows that good has won and that life continues in peace, but the weird noises at the end of the song are a symbol that evil will always be around."

                                                                                 - ProjectTJF
Think I'm Growing Old

"Think I'm Growing Old" is the third song on the album, it deals with the theme of aging. The title and the song itself is a tribute to TJF's favorite song, Pink Floyd's "Wot's... uh, The Deal", which deals with the same theme, the title is the last few lines of the chorus. TJF has stated that this was the first song on the album that he truly enjoyed both making and listening to during the making of the album. This is the longest song on the album at 3 minutes and 40 seconds.


"Have" (original title "My Thoughts Are Not Enough") is the fourth song on the album. The theme of this song is desire and how it can push certain people to either rush right to get what they want or plan carefully ahead to achieve their goal. The entire piece is dominated by keyboard similar to how "Think I'm Growing Old" and "And This Little Piggy Went To The Nut House" are. The keyboard symbolizes the constant desire to achieve or get what you want in life and the other instruments symbolize your actions that revolve around your desire.

And This Little Piggy Went To The Nut House

"And This Little Piggy Went To The Nut House" (original title "O So Crazy") is a strange song that uses themes of madness and metal illness, it also closes the album. The original title of this song was "O So Crazy", but TJF changed it because he felt that the new title was much more interesting and 'crazy'. The songs structure has three main riffs with segments of weird noises in between with an extended one at the end. The first two riffs are very psychedelic and strange with the last one being fast paced and more rock n' roll styled. At first TJF didn't care for the song after completing it and evening considered keeping it off the album, but over time he started to really like the song, describing it as "a mad mans slip and slide and a perfect way to end the album". Originally the noise segment at the end was only 10 seconds long until it was extended beyond that.


The cover of the album is a picture of Luigi and Daisy from the famous Mario video game series. The picture depicts baby versions of Luigi and Daisy smiling at each other, holding hands and eating ice cream all while the title is printed right below them. The picture was fan made and was not made by ProjectTJF.

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