Battle of Kesab (2012)
Date December,21,2012-ongoing
Location Kesab, Syria
Result Ongoing
Syria-flag 1932-58 1961-63 Free Syrian Army

Supported by:

Syria Syrian Army
Commanders and leaders
Aqreb As-Saleem (FSA) Unknown
90+ Fighters 40 Soldiers
Casualties and losses
8+ killed (Government claim) 2 killed(Government claim)
3 Civilians killed
Syrian uprising

First phase:

Second phase:

During cease-fire:

Third phase:

International incidents:

The Battle of Kesab, is an ongoing military engagement between the Syrian Army and FSA, over the border town of Kesab.


On December 21, The Syrian State Media reported that armed clashes occured around Kesab between the FSA and the Syrian Army.

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