The Angry Cats is a neo rockabilly trio based in Paris. Their own songs are influenced by both rockabilly and country music classics, but also by other music that we have been listening to or playing in their lives.


Born in Sweden, Fred lives in Amiens, Brussels and Berlin
before coming to Paris, where he sings his own songs, in
French, in a blues/rock acoustic duo.
He creates The Angry Cats in 2008, wishing to revitalize
Rockabilly by integrating his own experience in it,
acquired during musical adventures that led him since his
teens from Punk rock to industrial music through
Country music and Texas blues.
  • Tom Decaestecker : bass guitar
Born in the Flanders, Tom is first a blues singer and guitar
player. He switches to bass guitar with the band Guarapita.
  • Chris Gianorsi : drums
Coming from Nice, Chris also played with Caligagan, Chinaski,
Raoul Chichin, and Mickey and The Goodfellas.


4 Track EP

"The Angry Cats" (2012)

(Nidstång/Believe Digital)

  1. Fan the Flames of Discontent
  2. Olvidado
  3. I Will Not Touch You
  4. Train Kept A-Rollin'

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