This article will tell you about who TheDiver2212 is, what he does, and what he hopes to accomplish later in his life.

Who is he???

TheDiver2212 is a 13 year old jackass who loves to do stupid stunts because it's funny.

Why does he do this?

He likes to do this because after years of watching the Jackass television series and movie series, he decided, "what if I did this?" So he had his annoying little brother or his friends record him doing stupid things.

What does he do when he's not being recorded?

He mostly skateboards and plays video games or thinks of new video ideas.

Where can I watch his videos?

You can find all of his videos on youtube, he has a facebook page and twitter account. He also just recently made his own website

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Video on YouTube

Diver jackass03:23

Diver jackass

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