Teri Galliyan is a Hindi-language Indian television soap opera which is broadcast by Star Plus, the series premiered on 16 November 2015 and airs every Monday to Sunday at 10:00PM. The series stars Sargun Mehta as Radhika and Karan Narula as Karan in the lead roles. Sadia Khan is the third main lead who plays the role of Sargun's on screen sister Ruhani while Sahil Salathia is playing the negative role of Akash. The show went off air on 6 March 2016 getting replaced by new show Kya Mohabbat Phir Se.

The tiltle is the of the hit 2014 song Galliyan from the film Ek Villain.

The show is coming back with season 2 and Sargun Mehta and Shritama Mukherjee will be as the new lead sisters. The show will start in April 2017.


The show is about two sisters Radhika and Ruhani. Radhika had got az job at AR Fashion Office as Akash's boss. At first Akash makes life hard for Radhika. Ruhani (Sadia Khan) who is Radhika's sister meets Karan (Karan Narula). They both fall in love with each other but both are broken when Karan is going to get married and it is neither than Radhika. On hearing this Akash gets mad on hearing this. Akash and Radhikaa both don't know if they are in love or hate each other. During the wedding preparations, Akash's aunt Avantika (Kishwar Merchant) enters. She hates to see her nephew getting married to Radhika and teams up with Akash to make life hard for her. Kishwar uses Ruhani and blackmails her that if she does not marry Akash then her sister will be in big danger so she gets married secretly to Akash on the day of Radhika's wedding and everyone gets shocked. After Akash and Avantika try to kill Radhika but plan backfires when Ruhani finds out and tries to protect Radhika. The show ends with Akash turns good and Avantika exposed and the family are happy.



The show first approached Sargun Mehta along with Sahil Salathia. Parth Samthaan was to get the role of Karan but got replaced by Karan Narula. Actress Bharti Jhangiani was first approached for the role of Ruhani but got replaced by Sadia Khan.

Shraddha Kapoor got to sing for the show title song as the song is from her 2014 film.


Teri Galliyan is getting much good response from the audience since it started. The show is set to go off air in April very soon. Sarika Pradhan stated "The show is yet another love story by Karan Chaggar and Rashmi Sharma which will everyone is looking forward to see. With a little bit of emotion, love and hate, the show is set to do well".


Year Award Category Nominee Result
2016Sahib Chaggar Awards New Fresh Face (female) Sargun MehtaNominated
2016Sahib Chaggar Awards New Fresh Face (male) Karan NarulaNominated
2016Sahib Chaggar Awards New Fresh Face (male) Sahil SalathiaNominated
2016 Sahib Chaggar Awards Actress in supporting role Sargun Mehta Nominated
2016 Sahib Chaggar Awards Actor in negative role Kishwar Merchant Nominated
2016 Sahib Chaggar Awards Stylish Sadasya (male) Sahil Salathia Nominated
2016 Sahib Chaggar Awards Digital Sadasya Sahil Salathia Nominated
2016 Star Parivaar Awards Favourite Naya Sadasya (female) Sadia Khan Won
2016 Star Parivaar Awards Favourite Naya Sadasya (female) Karan Narula & Sahil Salathia Nominated

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