Tench Bhatta is a densely populated locality of Rawalpindi cantonment in Pakistan.


It is situated 2 kilometers to the south of Mall Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi (Rawalpindi Cantt).


Before the Partition of India, there were many brick kilns in this area. Kilns are called Bhattas in Urdu and Punjabi languages. Many trenches were created as a result of digging of land for obtaining mud that was used for making bricks. Therefore this place was referred to as "Trenches of Bhattaas" by the British, which was distorted and modified to Tench Bhatta by the locals. (


It has a population of 200,000 which includes a majority of Punjabis/Pothoharis and a minority of Mohajirs, Kashmiris and Pathans.

Main commercial area

Main Tench Road, represents the main commercial area. Various business outlets and shops are situated on either side of the road, as well as the longest bazaar of South Asia. The main commercial area is from akhari bus stop to 22 number chunge. Its most popular place is dispensery ground.


  • Adra Ground

Now there is no playground there were two main playgrounds but due to lack of attention of district government these are finished. The boys in this area now usually go to the race course ground to play.

Prominent neighborhoods in Tench Bhatta

  • Noor Hussain Street "Near Al-Mustafa Masjid"
  • Kamal Street
  • Shalimar Street Mughalabad
  • Kulma Chowk Colony,
  • Azizabad
  • Allama Iqbal Colony
  • Afshan Colony
  • Dhoke Chauhdrian
  • Dhoke Syedan
  • Dispensary ground
  • mehranban Market
  • Raja Market
  • Kasai Chowk ( Near Al-Mustafa Welfare Society)
  • Noorani Mohallah
  • Dr Jehangir Street
  • Adra
  • Zafar Street Mughalabad Near SES School
  • −Jehangir −Street Adra
  • Qureshi traders near SES school
  • Qureshi Steel works near SES school
  • Rahat Street Mughalabad
  • Head Office, Students Welfare Society, Allama Iqbal Colony
  • Message Welfare Society Main Tench Road
  • Kayani Street
  • Jan Colony Tench Bhatta's Main area
  • Ghoray(horse) wali ghali ghafar kayani road near prism education
  • khokhar karyana wali gali kayani road
  • Nawab fresh in bakerz old(Helifax Bakerz) Kayani road
  • Gulshan-e-zaheer colony Hasnain street tench bhatta

Culture and atmosphere

Tench Road represents a typical Pakistani bazaar, with a vibrant and chaotic hustle and bustle. On each side of the 2-km stretch of the main bazaar, there are thickly populated streets, lined by small to LARGE sized houses, inhabited by lively Pindites of lower to upper class. Its atmosphere represents the traditional social and cultural milieu of urban Punjab.the of this area speaks a mixed Urdu pujabi language .

A large number of Government servants reside in this area.


Tench Road (Chaudhry Muhammad Iqbal Road) connects Octroi Post 22 (Baees number Chungi) Mughalabad Road with Abid Majeed Road, then leads to Dhok Sayedan.Ghafar Kayani road to Dhoke choudrian

Abid Majeed Road connects Tench Bhatta R A bazar Road with the Mall Road (Peshawar Road), Saddar.

Schools and colleges

  • Allama Iqbal Mission High School.. One of the best and famous school, providing excellent education...situated in Usman Street, Abadi # 2, Tench Bhatta Rawalpindi..
  • Govt. Girls High School.
  • Anam Girls Degree College.
  • Standard High School.
  • Standard English School
  • Standard Girl College
  • Azeemia Academy..near factory quarter's ground,ALLAH wali masjid.

Map, Mughalabad Tench Bhatta

  • Future Watch School. THE FUTURE WATCH SCHOOL IS MOST POPULAR SCHOOL IN TENCH BHATTA . THE STAFF OF THIS SCHOOL IS VERy HARDWORKING . The school administration of this school uses oxford university course.this school provides a highly quality educatin to children of this area.It is situated near dispensery ground.
  • Federal Government Girls High School.
  • Expert College of Computer Sciences.
  • Government Public Academy Secondary School.
  • Al-Qalam Public School.
  • Anam Girls Collage.
  • Adnan Modern High School.
  • Anam Public School.
  • Federal Government Girls High School.
  • Zubair Public School.
  • High Hopes Model School.
  • F.G. Girls High School.
  • Rehman foundation.
  • Oxford Public School.
  • Naeem Islamia Model School.
  • Jamia Anwar-e-Mustafa.
  • SOUL(School) Tench Dhoke Sayedan Road.
  • SWS Non-Formal Scholl, Allama Iqbal Colony.
  • Tawheed International school system, Allama Iqbal Colony
  • Shining Star Public School, Allama Iqbal Colony
  • Prism Education Ghafar Kayani road
  • Education Academy - 26-D, Abid Majeed Road,Rawalpindi cantt.
  • Shaheen Public school and Girls degree college St#14 Allama Iqbal Colony
  • Marhaba Public School.

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