Teared up is a 1972 television comedy movie. The movie features a then unknown cast of actors that later became famous. The famous poster design by acclaimed director C.S Boutin instantly brought to life the roles of the actors. Staring actor Shaw Peters later reflected on the movie saying,

"We all had a really great time with it all you know and when we saw the finished product I remember mixed reactions. I have a really vivid memory of Yoshiko [Totomushi] saying he almost had a stroke from laughing after Ian McNiece choked on duct smoke."

The entire staring cast and thier characters was Shaw Peters (Grey Fisher), John Jarant (Alex Pinkerton), Ian McNiece (Vivian Allen), and Yoshiko Totomushi (Grant Barants).

In 2012 a fourtieth anviversy edition special cut was released.

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