Team SandHaug is a TeamGym team from Norway. .
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They are one of the leading teams in the men's Junior and Senior classes. They won the Norwegian Championship three times, once in the Senior class and twice in the Junior class.


In 2005 Sandnes Turnforening (Gymnastics club) and Haugesund Turnforening, a gymnastics club, joined forces and made a Team which consisted of boys from both clubs. This was based on a conversation between Mogens Grønås from Haugesund and Lars Zachariassen from Sandnes.

In 2007 they won the gold in the same competition and class. In 2007 they also attended to the Nordic championship in Stockholm.

During 2007-2008 the team lost several of its old members but later in 2008 many new younger gymnasts joined the Team and the same year they won the Norwegian championship again but this time in the Junior(men) class. The success continued and in 2009 the Team won gold in the Junior(men) class again. They also won the Milano Cup, the official Norwegian Teamgym-cup for junior teams. The team also qualified as one of the teams that made it to the Nordic championship of 2009, representing Norway. The team had some bad luck and got the last place.

Team members

The original Team (2005-2007)


  • John Erik Jonassen Salte
  • Lars Zachariassen
  • Lars Sanne
  • Andreas Rage
  • Alexander Birkeland
  • Vetle Aa. Svarstad


  • Per Gunnar Westerlund
  • Andreas Støle
  • Mogens Grønås
  • Martin Hammer
  • Andreas Berg

Todays team(2007-today)


  • Vetle Aa. Svarstad
  • Petter Emil Anderssen
  • Jan Magne Cederstrøm
  • Oddgeir Tjelta
  • Andreas Gaard
  • Michael Vu
  • Aleksander Martens
  • Andreas Rage


  • Mogens Grønås
  • Andreas Berg
  • Anund Yli Rossebø
  • Sondre Birkeland
  • Simen Nilsen
  • Per Westerlund (Competed for Hulby Slagelse from 2007 to 2010)
  • Martin Skogen (started in 2010)




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