Team Ghost is a French electronic music group, create by Nicolas Fromageau, co-founder of M83, witch he left in 2004[1].

Group Member

  • Nicolas Fromageau: vocal and guitar
  • Christophe Guérin: vocal and guitar
  • Benoit de Villeneuve : voice, guitar and keyboard
  • Félix Delacroix: drums
  • Pierre Blanc: bass


Create by Nicolas Fromageau in 2007, has released a first EP in April 2010[2] · [3], entitled You Never Did Anything Wrong To Me. Team Ghost's music is called Cold-Gaze [4], (contraction of Coldwave and Shoegaze), name created by the NME on the occasion of the criticism of this EP. After a series of concerts given in Paris, the group was the opening act of the European tour for the Canadians Crystal Castles[5]. Team Ghost has also played in several festivals in The United Kingdom during the summer of 2010 like the Offset Fetival[6] of London, or even the festival Rockness in Scotland [7]. In october 2010, the group released a second EP, entitled Celebrate What You Can’t See[8]. The two first EP You Never Did Anything Wrong To Me and Celebrate What You Can not See were signed on the British label Sonic Cathedral.

In October 2010, they again provide the opening act on the UK tour of Crystal Castles[9]. A compilation of the two first EPs called We All Shine was released specially for Japan in late 2011[10] Team Ghost recorded his first album in 2011 entitled Rituals and the first single is called Dead Movie Star. It will come out in 2013. [11] The two first EP You Never Did Anything Wrong To Me and Celebrate What You Can not See were signed on the British label Sonic Cathedral.



  • 2011: We All Shine
  • 2013: Rituals


  • 2010: You Never Did Anything Wrong To Me
  • 2010: Celebrate What You Can’t See


  • 2010 : Yeti lane - Twice
  • 2010 : Wild Palms - To The Lighthouse
  • 2011 : M83 - Midnight City
  • 2011 : Anoraak Feat. Siobhan Wilson – Dolphins & Highways
  • 2012 : Fairewell - Wild Meadow / I've Been Locked Away
  • 2012 : Collateral - CTRL 5

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