The Tata Management Training Centre (TMTC) was setup by Mr. JRD Tata on 1966.[1] Located at Pune, awarded with the Golden Peacock National Training Award for 2007-08 in the field of Training & Development,[2] focuses on Management Development, enabling the Tata Group of Companies to collaborate and participate on a vibrant learning platform.[3]

Set up with the mission of creating and grooming leaders for the future, TMTC is Tata Group’s centre for learning and development. It aims to provide training to high performers within the group and act as a catalyst of change for Tata executives.[4]

Over the years, it disseminated over 50 publications which include Management briefs, manuals, research papers, case studies.[5]

Dr. Shubhro Sen, Director, says TMTC as ' it is not purely an academic institution. But it functions at the intersection of learning and practice'.[6]


Housed in a gracious heritage structure, designed by renowned architect George Wittet, on rambling grounds surrounded by leafy trees, lawns, pathways and flower beds. The 15 acres of land on which TMTC stands once belonged to leading solicitor FE Dinshaw. In 1918, Mr Dinshaw acquired the services of Mr Wittet, the then consulting architect to the Government of Bombay, to build him a country home.[7]

In the 1960s, it was restored and turned it into a residential training centre though the original layout remains the same. The institute can house 60 people at its residential facilities, with two lecture halls and two seminar rooms. It also has a library of management books, journals and films. Along with its facilities for training and living, TMTC has facilities for indoor and outdoor sports.

Its facilities have been utilised by other specialised training institutes, including the Indian Institutes of Management (Ahmedabad and Calcutta), the Administrative Staff College of India(Hyderabad), the All India Management Association and the Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Sciences.[8]


Offering around 250 programmes a year, conducted by in house senior faculty from academics and business, supported by experts from the best of Indian and international B schools. TMTC started its e-learning programs in 2009.Every year, more than 4000 Tata Managers and Leaders go through the training programs.[9]

Leadership development programmes include

  • Tata Group Strategic Leadership seminar
  • Tata Group Executive Leadership seminar
  • Tata Group eMerging Leaders seminar

E-learning programmes include

  • Live e-classroom
  • Live video broadcast and
  • Self-paced e-learning programmes

A Unique self-paced programme is conducted named ' TATA - Harvard Manage Mentor self-paced e-learning program' [10] by Harvard Manage Mentor, in association with Harvard Business School Publishing, providing 44 different programmes for Tata employees.


TMTC objectives include [11]

  • Improvement of organisational performance through dissemination of the latest knowledge and skills among practicing managers
  • Facilitation of attitudinal and behavioural changes
  • Facilitation of solutions for organisational issues
  • Development of learning organisations
  • Training methodology

Pratice Areas

Its Pratice Areas include[12]

  • Finance, Ethics
  • Leadership and Organization
  • Markets and Customers
  • Strategy and Innovation

It also use over 120 external faculty, from the world’s premier institutions and universities, including IIMs, Harvard, Michigan, Wharton, Kellogg, NUS and Centre for Creative Leadership. Eminent academics and management gurus like Prof. C. K. Prahalad, Prof. Krishna Palepu, Prof. Wayne Brockbank and Prof. Charles Fine have graced our classrooms.

TMTC had the honour of hosting training programmes for the Indian Administrative Service(IAS), the Indian Police Service(IPS) and the Indian Foreign Service(IFS).[13]


TMTC partners with a number of leading organisations which include Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL), the Conference Executive Board (CEB), the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) and the Goldratt Schools.[14]


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