Tamara Benitez (also Mara Benitez) (born 14 October 1983) is a Filipina cinematographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. She is noted in particular for her underwater photography. Tamara has worked with such directors as Lav Diaz, Wenn Deramas, Sig Sanchez, Paolo Herras, and Martin Aviles. She is one of few female cinematographers working in the cinema of the Philippines and she continues to work on various projects above and below the water, spanning the different genres of production.


Tamara Isabel Escudero Benitez was born on 14 October 1983 in San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines.[1] She is the daughter of a well-known underwater cinematographer.[2] She studied Cinematography at the Mowelfund Film Institute in 2003, where she was taught how to use a film camera by Larry Manda.[3] She made the film Ang Anak ni Brocka (2005 - 161 minutes) as a Berlinale Talent Campus project. It explores the life of Filipino director Lino Brocka.[4]

Since then she has worked as camera or cinematographer on many film projects. She played a minor role as an American backpacker in the major hit Minsan Pa (2004), as well as being 2nd camera, shooting underwater scenes.[1] Liz Braun of the Toronto Sun said of this movie "Minsan Pa is beautiful to look at, and not just for the cinematography."[5] Another said, "The camera plays an integral and integrative role in the film Minsan Pa."[6] Benitez was a cinematographer on the epic nine-hour 2006 film Heremias.[7] A reviewer said "I love this Malay time-inflected film! It is a joy to see such laid-back film with lots of extended takes."[8] However, another said, "The movie, done in black and white, is painfuly slow such that sometimes its a struggle to keep awake." However, the reviewer was impressed by Tamara Benitez, calling her "so young and so talented".[9]



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