FANDOM is an Indian online social gifting application on fashion/casual lifestyle products and online retail services, and headquartered in Delhi, India. It is first of its kind social marketing model in India.

== History ==

Tagagift was established by Gaurav Kochar, Hitesh Aggarwal, Deepak Dabas and Vivek Jain in June 2012. It’s an IIT-IIM A alumnus initiative, who have a prior experience to work in a start-up.

Tagagift seeks to make gifting an everyday experience. It helps Facebook users to gift a free/paid gift card from top retailers to a friend. It seeks to establish itself as an easy, fun way to receive and redeem gift coupons.

Tagagift mission is to make gifting a memorable experience for both sender and recipient.

It enables the gift to be displayed on the Facebook wall of both the sender and the recipient making it visible to the friends. Friends can then contribute to a group gift card.

== New business focus and products == 

Tagagift currently offers vouchers from several Indian and international brands. It is likely to make its presence in the niche segment in the near future. Tagagift provides

  • A proven discount free customer acquisition/retention platform
  • Uses friend to friend marketing to drive in store and online sales
  • Have real time access to aggregated campaign and customer demographic data

The company is currently partnering with the top brands in the category of books, Electronics, Movies, Apparel, Health & Beauty, Kitchen & Home Furnishings, Travel, Food & beverages, Music, Sportswear, Watches, Eye-wear, Fashion Accessories, Baby Products, Hotels & Vacations, Department stores, Jewellery etc.

== Business model == is an aggregator of many brands. Its business model is based on providing Facebook users free/paid vouchers for gifting purposes to their Facebook friends. Tagagift charges a minimal fee on every voucher sold to the corporate partners. This new tool/system/revolution in the social media marketing that would give Corporate liaisons advantage of

  • Concentrating promotion only on its target segment
  • Power of advocacy by its potential customer’s friends
  • Viral promotion on Facebook by its users
  • Access to aggregate campaign demographic data

And all this without spending a single penny till the actual sales is done.

Tagagift also plans to make its presence in the major cities in India.

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