Taekwondowon(태권도원) is a place of education, training, research and cultural experience of Taekwondo and will be opened at Muju county of Jeolla province, Republic of Korea on Sep. 4, 2013.

Overview of Taekwondowon

Features of Taekwondowon

  • Taekwondowon is divided into three themed zones: BODY, MIND and SPIRIT
- Spirit zone: A special space for Taekwondo grandmasters
- Mind zone: A space for specialized education, traning, research on Taekwondo, including accommodation
- Body zone: A space for Taekwondo-related exhibition, experience, training and games
  • It has an arena with 5,000 seats symbolizing the Samtaeguek mark which means basic Taekwondo spirit of heaven, earth and human being, in traditional Korean pattern.
  • The six bridges symbolize the spiritual perfection of the Taekwondo.
  • It is nestled under Mt. Baekunsan in Muju, which boasts its beautiful scenery of nine valleys and eight sights.

Available Programs at Taekwondowon

Program Details
Meeting with grandmasters Lectures of Grandmasters concerning meditation and tea ceremony
Black-belt ceremony a festival to celebrate black-belt graduation along with trainees' families and visitors
Taekwondo Ritual ceremony Ritual ceremonies held on the Taekwondo day and new year's day
Grandmaster of the month An award to a Grandmaster who will be the spiritual center of Taekwondowon and manage general affairs / programs around Myungin-kwan and Taekwon-jeon, Grandmasters are entitled to reside at Myungin-kwan
Taekwondo diet A diet program based on Taekwondo
Boot camp training A program designed to cultivate willpower, body and mind by using outdoor experience facilities.
Self-defense martial art of life A program to teach how to handle dangerous situations with self-defense techniques
Taekwondo meditation A program focused in mental training (meditation, personality, etiquette and so on)
Night nature study A nocturnal activity program linked with the beautiful nature around Muju for the juveniles
Taekwondo pilgrimage A program design to experience Korean traditional culture and games
Seasonal training program A trainng program connected with Korea's four seasons(Spring: meditation, ki training/ Summer: waterfall training, aqua Taekwondo/ Autumn: mountain training/ Winter: Boot-camp training)
Taekwondo etiquette An etiquette program based on basic spirit of Taekwondo by using facilities in Taekwondowon(for children)
Foreigners meditation A program to provide experience on the spirit of Taekwondo, beauty and music of Korea (for foreigners)
Taekwondo correction A program designed to evaluate trainees through kyorugi, Poomsae, and demonstration, and to provide appropriate teaching and correction of postures
Para-Taekwondo A special program designed for the disabled people
Taekwondo and martial art competition Various competitions and matches of Taekwondo and other martial arts at the stadium
Taekwondo exhibition program Exhibition hall, Taekwondo industry hall, Archive room, world martial art hall, PR video hall, Hall of Honor, Taekwondo hall
Taekwondo experience program Sparring experience room, Wired-for-action room, Virtual experience room, Four-dimensional hall, Taekwondo science room
Outdoor performance Taekwondo demonstration, Taekwon dance, Korean traditional games, Mid-summer Night Concert
In-door performance program Regular indoor performance
Event stage Performance of chief gatekeeper, Welcome performance, Street parade
Outdoor experience program A training program designed to enhance fitness, physical strength, reflex, and agility
World Youth Taekwondo Camp A program designed for the youth around the world; Taekwodno training/ Guidance and Cultural expedition of Muju
Taekwondo culture festival A cultural festival celebrated with Taekwondo people around the world
Temple stay A temple stay program to experience the live in a Buddhist temple in Muju
Experience culture in the mountain village Rural homestay program in remote mountain villages around Muju
Taekwondo YAP camp Summer camp programs for general public during summer vacation with theme; English, diet, etc

World Taekwondo Academy

The World Taekwondo Academy(WTA), established as a dedicated Taekwondo education and research institute to spread the true spirit and philosophy of Taekwondo around the world, provides high quality education and training programs. Based on the spirit of the Olympic movement, WTA contributes to the development of Taekwondo as an Olympic sports game and the harmony and peace of the world.

Major Programs Details
Future international Taekwondo leader program This program is designed for the young people around the world to cultivate the Taekwondo spirit and to get acquainted with the Taekwondo culture, and eventually to make them future leaders of the Taekwondo world.
Taekwondo Administrator Training Program The program is designed to provide administrative staff in Taekwondo-related organizations and associations around the world with opportunities to learn how to handle various office works and how to hold or support international local sports events based on actual field experience. This program will enhance and upgrade the administrative processes and personnel competencies in international events as well as in general administration.
Global Taekwondo Partnership Program The Program is designed to offer opportunities to the youth in developing countries to cultivate the Taekwondo spirit and learn Taekwondo techniques. This program will support the spread of the Taekwondo value, and at the same time, the materialization of love for mankind.
Taekwondoism Research Course The course is designed to promote the theoretical completion of Taekwondo spirit, to study its practical application, and to establish the identity of Taekwondo as an academic subject.
Program for Physical Education Teachers The program is designed to provide physical education teachers with opportunities to get acquainted with the Taekwondo, especially the value and necessity of Taekwondo education, through the experience of general Taekwondo culture. Though this program, teachers will learn how to teach Taekwondo in school in a more familiar and effective way.
Program for sport journalists The program is to provide journalists around the world with opportunities to get acquainted with Taekwondo spirit and techniques and culture. This program is especially designed to improve accuracy, equality and appeal of Taekwondo-related new reports.
Program to bring up sports leader The program is designed to enable athletes to find meaningful fulfillment in their lives after retirement. It helps a retiree adopt himself/herself to new career based on his/her extensive experiences gathered through sports. This program also provides the athlete with basic competencies to be a global leader and decision-maker in the field, especially in sports organizations.
Program for international referees The program is designed to enable international referees to enhance the understanding of Taekwondo athlete's movements through direct experience of Taekwondo techniques and motions. This program also offers how to improve accuracy and fairness of umpireship based on the spirit of sport.
Program for coaching technique development The program is designed for Taekwondo coaches to enable them to enhance athlete's performance and cultivate Taekwondo spirit by using new coaching techniques.
Program for Taekwondo athletes performance enhancement The curriculum is designed for Taekwondo athletes to grow up on right path through the cultivation of Taekwondo spirit and to enhance spiritual and physical fitness.
Taekwondo Graduate Program The program is designed to carry out researches and experiments on Taekwondo more scientifically and efficiently through graduate courses.
Programs for Korean language teachers The program is designed to provide Korean language teachers with opportunities to get acquainted with Taekwondo, Korea's representative brand, to introduce Korean cultrue and spirit, and to support the spreading of Taekwondo around the world.

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