The Tabernacle of Faith International Church (abbreviated as TFI) is a distinct New Testament Apostolic Evangelical and Pentecostal church in the Philippines headed by Pastor Ray Llarena and was established in 1984. The church was based on the early Apostolic church. Its headquarters is located at the Tabernacle of Faith Christian Academy (TFCA), one of the popular schools in San Juan, Philippines. The Tabernacle of Faith International Church has several locations in the Philippines and in various other countries.[1][2] It originally had 38 churches located throughout the Philippines with several outlying chapters.

Its official youth arm is the Forerunners National Youth Movement, a radical youth movement that teaches and implies Christian beliefs, values and ethics. It has a large number of adherents[citation needed] and is a recognized organization in different colleges and universities in the country[which?].


The service during the Mission Convention 2012

The Tabernacle of Faith International Church started with 25 members of Pastor Ray Llarena's Bible study group in Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. His Bible study group suddenly[when?] experienced tremendous growth and soon was established as a church known as the Philippine Christian Charismatic Ministry (PCCM) on the last week of July 1984.[1] The church was located at PPSTA Building on Banaue St., Quezon City and later it transferred on Mt. Zion auditorium in Broadway Centrum, providing larger venue for the church. The church declared its mandate there and it was formally established as an Evangelical and Pentecostal church. The church was based on the early church of Christianity, where it was dubbed as a New Testament Apostolic church.

From Philippine Christian Charismatic Ministry, the church changed its name to Tabernacle of Faith in Asia (TOFIA) and was transferred in the Mt. Moriah auditorium of Broadway Centrum. The church held three services every weekends during its stay at the Broadway Centrum.

On 1985, the church established the City of Refuge Children's Home, an orphanage with about 15 orphans at Blue Ridge, Quezon City, and through God's grace[citation needed] it eventually turned into the Tabernacle of Faith Christian Academy (TFCA), founded a year after the orphanage.[3] The school held its classes at Broadway Centrum, the same complex where the church resides. After the establishment of TFCA, the Tabernacle of Faith in Asia changed its name to Tabernacle of Faith International (TFI), and in 1994 it moved to its own church and school building located in San Juan City.

As a member of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship, Pastor Ray Llarena was very involved in foreign missions, and in 2002 he established the Harvest Christian Center in Chicago, a church based on the Tabernacle of Faith Church. Llarena also established twenty-five other churches around the world.

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On 2011, amidst the heavy rain brought by typhoon Falcon (Meari), fire consumed the sanctuary of the Tabernacle of Faith Christian Academy, which serves as a chapel and meeting hall.[4][5] The fire is believed to have been caused by faulty electrical wiring[4][6] with the damage to property ranging from P5-10 million. After the fire, church services are held at the basement.

As of 2012, plans are underway for the establishments of several churches and outlying chapters in and around Manila and throughout the country.



A recently youth service on-going at the church

The church's beliefs are evangelical and Pentecostal in that it holds the Bible as accurate and authoritative in matters of faith and that Jesus Christ reconciled humanity to God through his death and resurrection. The Tabernacle of Faith International Church is Trinitarian, and believes that baptism by immersion is practiced as an ordinance instituted by Christ for those who have been saved. Baptism is understood as an outward sign of an inward change, the change from being dead in sin to being alive in Christ. As an ordinance, Communion is also practiced. The church also adheres to the Statement of Fundamental Truths.

The church believes that in order to live a fruitful Christian life a person should seek the baptism in the Holy Spirit and that the Holy Spirit enables the use of spiritual gifts, which include speaking in tongues. The Tabernacle of Faith International Church also places a strong emphasis on the fulfillment of the Great Commission and believes that this is the main calling of the church.



The church runs ministries in addition to weekend services and events. The church is composed of a small group structure named as "life groups", which are groups of approximately 5–20 people that meet on a designated date across the city. Main ministries of the church include the Forerunners National Youth Movement and its Sunday school. The Forerunners youth ministry is headed by Pastor Ricardo Villaluz and the Sunday school is headed by Pastor Noemi Narvacan. In addition to the main ministries, there are also ministries for music, visitation, and dance.


The music department of the church is headed by Pastor Yashel Bartolome. The church uses contemporary Christian music in addition to original composition songs.


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