The T Crew (The realm) is an secret society created in 2012 in the town of Akron, OH with 4 founding members. It advocates Brianizm as creed of conduct. The organization regards loyalty and belonging as the absolute motto of conduct. The society organizes events to exert its views on the world and affect the youth around them. Currently, the head of the T crew is name Judicael Briand (the Reund); he heads all decisions and provides the vision for the group's future. His word is deemed supreme, and all members swear allegiance to the realm. The T crew bears close ties with the Dungeon crew, but released statements say they don't condone any of their actions. Several external fanatic groups (especially Jeff and Jules) have attempted to break the group unsuccessfully.

Core Executive members

Judicael Briand (the Reund)

He is currently the head of realm, also called the Reund. Members colloquially call him "The Boss". He is known to be a charismatic maverick satiric character, deemed of erratic behavior with no fear from doing the unexpected. As a boss, he advocates loyalty and truthfulness in the Realm as way to maintain coherence. There's current suspicion about his childhood being that of a kid pop star and his faeces being odorless. It's not to be in his power to unanimously excommunicate any members however the reach of his power is thought to be significant. His rise to the position is by anointment and only he can decide on his successor.

Khalid (senior protectorate)

Known to be the senior protectorate of the realm. His charms and shear skill of observation has allowed him to protect information about the realm from the wrong hands. Also, he gathers intelligence about the realm's relations and reports to the Reund. He is known to be extremely gregarious and the easiest person to relate with. Little is known about his personal motivations.


He is an assistant to Khalid and little public action has been undergone by him. He is suspected to carry out the logistics and a personal protector of the boss. Without the Reund, the realm dies.


Face figure of the realm. From public appearances, he is more of an informant and bears little power to steer the group's decision making.


Little is known about this member. Her impact is minimal and she is the first female to join the realm.

Other members

  • Paulina
  • Sierra
  • Najjam (not confirmed)
  • Tim (ousted for unethical behavior)
  • Bella (spy)
  • Ocho (proxy)


The T Crew is a fan of rap music especially artists such as 2 chainz. Classical is also very popular in the eyes of The Realm; In the likes of Wagner, Bach, Beethoven and Mozart.

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