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System of Systems Integration (SoSI) Directorate is the The Army's Integration Team that utilizes the Family of Systems approach to ensure integration and interoperability between Army Programs of Record (PORs), current force systems, urgent need systems, and other Doctrine, Organization, Training, Leadership, Personnel and Facilities (DOTL-PF) elements to achieve integrated unit capabilities for a full-spectrum force. This integration approach will be implemented through development, acquisition, testing, product improvement and fi elding while ensuring total ownership cost reduction.

SoSI provides system engineering, integration and test/evaluation expertise to field fully integrated and tested Capability Packages composed of vehicles, network elements, equipment, and supporting infrastructure to modernize BCTs to achieve unprecedented joint combat capability in conjunction with the Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) process.

Agile Process

The Army is transforming its current acquisition methods through the new Agile Process designed to improve effi ciency and effectiveness, reducing the amount of time and resources necessary to respond to the rapid changes in Soldier requirements. By employing the Agile Process, the Army is able to keep pace with industry and technological advances, accelerating the pace of network modernization to a rate unachievable by traditional acquisition strategies in a more cost-effective manner - ultimately providing deploying units better capabilities more quickly, while incrementally improving the overall Network over time.

SoSI, under ASA(ALT) leads Agile Process phases I (Solicit Potential Solutions), II (Candidate Assessment) and IV (Network Integration Rehearsal).


A key component of the Agile Process is the Network Integration Evaluation (NIE) - semi-annual evaluations designed to integrate and mature the Army’s tactical network, and accelerate and improve the way Network technologies are delivered to Soldiers. These Soldier-lead operational evaluations provide integrated, end-to-end capabilities to the networked Soldier.

SoSI serves as the lead network architect and systems integrator for the Network Integration Evaluation (NIE) & Network Integration Rehearsal (NIR), synchronizing the effort across the broader materiel development community. SoSI integrates and synchronizes services and support to all ASA(ALT) and Industry participants, and provides the ASA(ALT) single interface to ATEC and the user (TRADOC, BMC and 2/1 AD).

Synchronized fielding

SoSI is synchronizing the implementation and fielding of a fully integrated Capability Set, known as CS 13, composed of vehicles, network components, and associated equipment and software that, for the first time, deliver an integrated voice and data capability throughout the Infantry Brigade Combat Team formation down to the tactical edge. CS 13 integration efforts and architectures are informed by the Army’s NIE process, and will be fielded to as many as eight Infantry Brigade Combat Teams beginning in fiscal year 2013.


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