Penicillin is an antibiotic, a substance produced by a living thing that can kill bacteria and other germs. The word antibiotic means "against life". Dr. Fleming had discovered penicillin in a mold, which is a primitive form of plant life like bacteria. Scientists studying immediately enpesaron molds and bacteria in search of other substances matamicrobios.


We found powerful new antibiotics where least expected. Streptomycin was found in organisms called actinomycetes, which were in a soil sample from the state of New Jersey, USA The aureomycin was obtained from a mold that grew in the soil of some areas of the state of Missouri, the teramicina, a mold of Indian soil. Chloromycetin was discovered in a soil sample from Caracas, Venezuela. To find these antibiotics, thousands of plants were examined and were selected, screened and studied tens of soil sample.

Its effectiveness

It's amazing the range of infections against which antibiotics are effective. Streptomycin destroys many microbes that penicillin can not kill. Cura, well, peritonitis, infections of the kidney and bladder, also called undulant fever or Malta fever brucellosis and tularemia. Its most important use is the treatment of tuberculosis.

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