Syluz, was born Cody Hertz in Des Moines, Iowa on November 5th 1985 to Joseph and Laura Hertz. Syluz is a unsigned rapper/dj/producer of rap and rock, that has been working to get in the game for many years. Working with many local artist including Red Child, Polo N Dis, Kay Willz, Sonny Brook, Krazy Kay, Yung Pov, Native Son, and D Spleezy. Syluz was a co-founder and former member of the rap group Chilld Pavement. Syluz has been getting a lot of word of mouth about his music and up coming album. This will be his first solo album and has been talking to a few record labels about signing a record but is currently checking out his options. He has found local success doing many different jobs in the music business. He has been a rapper, rock singer, club dj, concert promoter, hype man, cover artist, poster artist and music producer. He has been making the music for movies and dvds for television hunting team Team NXG and music produced by Syluz has been featured on television on the show Archery Field & Sports with Team NXG.

Early Life

Growing up poor on the south side of Des Moines he learned a hard work ethic from his hard working parents who worked many jobs to keep food on the table which showed him that you have to work hard to be successful. Syluz started rapping in the 9th grade with a couple friends. They all started to get real serious about making it in the game as high school was ending. After the passing of best friend and rap member Krazy Kay aka Bernard Keith Dickerson out of Jamica Queens NY (apr.25 1985-nov.17 2003), Syluz and Crew knew they had to really make it and never let anything get in the way of there goals. Growing up with best friend E aka Edward Miller and others has showed him that they would all be successful one day.


Now Syluz is a member of the Des Moines crew A.B.G. All Bout Gwap. His newest album I'm Something Different is coming out for free download in the summer of 2012 with songs like No Need For The Next One, Headed For The Light, Never Gonna Say Goodbye, Like A Dragon and many more.

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