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Sylho is a fictional character,a one time comic book superhero who appears in comic books published by Gerard Comics in him.

Charlotte,NC. There is a lot unknown about the superhero. Created by a local Charlotte Newspaper comic book writer, Gorge Kimmel, and an immigrated French Sketch Artist, Brando Murphy,Sylho's drawing and overall basic idea were sold to Gerard in 1969 who published one comic featuring the superhero that year but after only selling twenty-one copies Gerard Comics Decided to give up on the idea of Sylho. Sylho has the Powers of Superhuman strength, speed( said to be faster than the flash and quicksilver), Flight, Invisibility, Invulnerability, and the ability to sense Trust and Truthwith his eyes when they glow blue. He also carries the Sword of Kandof.His suit was white, with blue and gold, with a collared blue cape and a circle with a stylized "S" within the circle.

In the comic "Sylho: A Man of Truth"(which is the comic he was published in). Sylho is bornon the planet Kandof bit is sent to the planet Yyurkon as a child by the King of Kandof, hisfather, Hihsendrio, while Kandof is being attacked by its alien rivals known as the Gragions. He is, instead, sent to Earth by accident and crash lands in a dumpster. A man who saw theincident goes and retrives Syhlo and adopts him. Very early, he starts to display superhuman abilities which he chooses to use for good not evil.

Publication History:


Sylho was created by Gorge Kimmel and Brando Murphy. He was created in Charlotte, North Carolina in hopes that he would be the next big superhero. After they came to the realization that Sylho might not actually be the big breakout they expected him to be they gave up on him. Kimmel wanted to base the character off of his favorite actor at the time, Sean Connery. After the basis of Connery's face and body style were down. Murphy added a five-o-clock shadow to make him look a little edgier. They chose a white suit in order to represent the white sky of Kandof, blue trim and cape to represent the blue sand of kandof and gold trim to represent the royalty he was on Kandof. His insignia is a blue circle with a gold trim and a golden S in the center. He has The Sword of Kandof otherwise known as The Sword Of Truth by DC.


One Year Later, while in Charlotte, David Newman, a representative for DC Comics, stumbled across a rough sketch of Sylho. He took it back to Manhattan, and showed the sketch to Bob Harras, the Editor In Chief.s Harras decided that they would run a series based on the character. When Kimmel found out that DC Comics had printed several comics in a series he contacted Murphy and they began to try to contact DC about the character. Eventually, they got a hold of Jim Lee, the co-publisher of DC. They asked nicely for DC

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