The Beginning

Syco is a band which was created in 2012 on 23rd June by five 12 year olds. They play a vareity of music including a electric, bass and acoustic guitar. The members include Bertie Lennox-Hilton, Kate Stagg, Tyler Mitchell, Patrick Callanan and Vicky White. The group met and practised at the purple ukilale then left for Banburys to write inspiration.


Bertie: Bertie is the lead singer and writes the songs.

Kate: Kate is back-up and acoustic.

Tyler: Tyler does technial work and bass.

Patrick: Patrick is a guatarist and does rap.

Vi: Vi is te drummer and helps write and design.

What Syco is about

Syco is about individuals getting together to play thre thoguhts and feelings, to be passionate and express themselves. It was named Syco by Vi the drummer at Banburys on the day. Each child has had there own individual vibe.

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