Swags Galore is a privately owned, online retail store that specializes in low-cost window treatments.[1][2][3][4] The company is headquartered in Lakeville, Pennsylvania.[2][3] The company launched its website in 1999 and emerged as one of the first online curtain stores.[5]


Swags Galore was founded by Melinda and Eugene West of Shirley, New York in 1999.[5] Melinda developed the first Swags Galore website using programming skills she learned while working for privately held electronic contractors.[5] In 2000, when the business outgrew Melinda and Eugene’s home, they expanded into a warehouse in Yaphank, New York. With growing demand and recognition, the company relocated and built their own 9000 sq ft warehouse in 2007 located in Lakeville, Pennsylvania, and added a 3,000 sq-ft extension two years later to accommodate their growth.[5][3][2][6] Experts in the field of e-commerce have claimed that Swags Galore’s low overhead and ability to offer unique products gives the company a competitive edge on big-box stores.[3][2] Swags Galore exclusive offerings allow the company to provide a larger selection of products.[5][3] The website offers clear ordering instructions and a liberal return policy.[5][4]


Swags Galore specializes in low-cost ready-made curtains, drapes, and window treatments which are sold exclusively through the online retail store.[5][6] The website also features helpful design tips and measurement advice.[5]

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