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Lil D(Aka Joka Boi) Lil D is the founder of Swagged Out Crew he team up with some of his friends and started a group called swagged out crew only using his computer for the recording and it was a sound recorder for there first ever mixtape Devils Get Up Off Me and A couple more. As of 2013-2014 Joka has released his solo mixtapes Laugh Now Cry Later,Almighty Joka,Almighty Joka 2,Why So Serious?,#WatDaHellYouTalmbout, as of now he is working on his next mixtape All Hail Thy Joka and just released the single for it "Imagination" Featuring Outoe

Naruto "Outoe" Towhmn Outoe is Swagged Out Crew's most successful rapper out of all of them with his rapper style and fast rapping style. He has put the groups music on the top his single mixtapes Homecoming 1,2,3, and 4.Outoe has had his share of haters making 4 diss tracks on two different mixtapes 3 towards Dylan called Pussy,Fb Hater, and Towards You.Then Hollis end up getting in the picture after dissing Outoe's bestfriend Sharon and after Outoe told Hollis to leave her be Hollis got angry and started talking shit so Outoe made the Diss Tracks Pussy and 1000.Outoe stated in a interview that Homecoming,7 Before & After,Instrumental Ass Nigga,And Versus is his best work and for right now in 2012 Outoe is working on his next solo mixtape Versus and the group mixtape Trap Musik 4 and him and his brother Naruto M mixtape VS.As of the end of 2012 he is hoping to release the Swagged Out Crew & Mohawk Boyz Mixtapes Vol. 1,2,3 and 4 so he can start off 2013 working on Trap Musik 5 & Homecoming 5. Sense 2013 started Outoe has went on to make more and more mixtapes with Back 2 Tha Basics,Uncensored,Outoe World 2-4,and Homecoming 5 and 6 as of right now Outoe is finishing up his Anniversary mixtape with the lead single being All We Do Is Shine.As of 2014 Outoe has said his main goal this year is to release 10 mixtapes or more for 2014 already releasing 5 mixtapes Homecoming 7,#welcometooutoeworld2,Dedication 6,Outoe World The Last Chapter, and Dedicated Homecoming Released 4.21.14 at this moment Outoe is working on The Leak Release Date TBA (Follow Him On Twitter @OutoeWorld)

Gaara Gaara is the singer of the group and sometimes he raps. He appeared with his first rap in Swagged Out Crew's For Life he was the last verse that blow up.Gaara as of 2012 is working on his first ever mixtape Love&Hate As of 2013 Gaara is putting the finishing touches on his debut mixtape.Gaara has put his mixtape on hold to do Swagged Out Crew's Forever,Forever 2, and a 2014 release mixtape Trap Musik V

B.Jeff Jeff has his brothers Bw Jeff,Jeff, and Pf Jeff in Swagged Out Crew Bjeff,Lil D,Naruto Outoe where the men to start off in Swagged Out Crew when it was founded in 2011 Bjeff blow up after making a mixtape with Naruto Outoe called The Documentary in 2011.Right now Bjeff made his official solo album called Untitled in the beginning of 2012 as of right now he is working on the volume mixtapes.As of 2013 Jeff is just doin features with every Swagged Out Crew Member.As of 2014 Jeff is still doin features with members him and Outoe may be working on another collabo album The Documentary 2 in the future

Pf Jeff Jeff is the singer and rapper as of Gaara of the group and his first rap was on the Trap Musik Mixtape In 2011 as of right now Jeff is working on his first solo mixtape and working on the volume mixtapes. In the start of 2013 Jeff took an break from music he return to the studio in March 2013 to record on Outoe's Anniversary Mixtape.As of 2014 Jeff has did a couple of songs with Outoe and appeared on Forever & Forever 2

Jeff Jeff was actually the second brother to join Swagged Out Crew with his clowning around verses on tracks Jeff has made an impact in the group and he just got done making a mixtape with bestfriend Kofi as of right now he is working on volume mixtapes with the rest of the group.As of a lil bit threw 2012 and 2013 Jeff took an hiatus and returned in the studio to record a track off the groups #FeedMeBeats2 Mixtape.Jeff finally retured to the studio to appear on Joka Boi's Almighty Joka 2 on the track "My Nigga" also featuring Outoe & Gator Boi

Bw Jeff Jeff was the last to join the group as of being the younger brother he made his first appearance on Naruto Outoe's Ride with me alot of people say he had the best verse as of 2014 Jeff is working on Swagged Out Crew's Trap Musik V

Stephanie Step is the first female of the group with her fast rapping style she is featured on alot of Swagged Out Crew Tracks she hasn't made her own mixtape yet but she says she will somewhat 2013 but as of 2012 she is working on volume 1,2,3,4 and Trap Musik 4.As of 2014 Step has appeared on Jade's Lebihonest Mixtape And Joka Boi's #WatDaHellYouTalmbout Mixtape in a track titled "Got You" also featuring Jade & Roxxi and Swagged Out Crew's Forever & Forever 2 and now is working on Swagged Out Crew's Trap Musik V

Rob Rob is one of Swagged Out Crew's rapping fast style rappers as of Step and Outoe he has featured on many tracks and hasn't made his own just like stephanie he says him and Naruto Outoe have been talking about making one together calling it back again with both men rapping fast style it may be one of the best as of right now rob is working on Trap Musik 4,Volume 1 and 2 not appearing on 3 and 4.As of 2013 Rob is working on Forever and #FeedMeBeats2 with the group and in the near future is planning to release an joint mixtape with Outoe.As of 2014 Rob has worked on Forever & Forever 2 and now is working on Swagged Out Crew's Trap Musik V

Sasuke C Charlie has featured on a couple of tracks in 2011.In some what 2011 Outoe slept with his Girlfriend he then left the group.

Sasuke M Sasuke has featured on many 2011 tracks and a couple of 2012 tracks and he is brothers with sasuke c(aka charlie) as of the rest of 2012 goes he is on a hiatus.As of 2013 he came back making two tracks on one of Outoe's mixtape and now he is working on his mixtape title I'm Back.As of 2014 he is still working on his mixtape and appeared on some of Outoe's tracks.

Roxxi Roxxi is the second rapping female of the group she also raps fast but is not featured on alot of tracks as Step as of 2012 she is on a hiatus too.As of 2013 she is yet to come back but appeared on #FeedMeBeats & #FeedMeBeats2.Roxxi finally returned in 2014 on Joka Boi's #WatDaHellYouTalmbout on the track "Got You" also featuring Jade & Stephanie

Naruto M Naruto M is the brother of Naruto Outoe both making a mixtape together called VS Naruto is goin to be working on his 2nd 2012 album.As of 2013 he is working on his 3rd and 4th mixtapes.As of 2014 he is working on his next mixtape and hasn't appeared on any memebers or group tracks.

Travis Travis only appears on some tracks he is also the brother of Naruto M & Naruto Outoe he is on a hiatus for now in 2013 Travis finally returned to the studio appearing in Mohawk Boyz,Joka Boi, & Outoe's Mixtapes.As of 2014 Travis has appeared on Swagged Out Crew's Forever & Forever 2 and now is working on his solo mixtape I AM TRAVIS CARTER.

Yondaime Is the man who makes the videos and controls all the websites.The group has a Twitter,Tumblr,Facebook,Myspace,youtube and official website

Michelle Michelle joined the group making her first mixtape Glamours & Perfection she is one of the singers of the group and has been on a hiatus since 2013 and 2014 

Mickie Mickie is the best girl singer of the group featuring on Nartuo Outoe's Motivation,Baby,I'm In To You, and more she is currently working on the volume mixtapes and her first mixtape for the end of 2012.As of 2013 Mickie is planned to start recording her debut mixtape as of right now she has appeared on Outoe's Anniversary,Uncensored, And Outoe World 4.As of 2014 Mickie has did songs with Outoe & Joka Boi

Tech Da Crook is one of Swagged Out Entertainment's Artists and he made his debut with his Reckless Mixtape in 2012 with it's lead single being recycling featuring Outoe,Rob,and B.Jeff as of 2013 he is on an hiatus.As of 2014 Tech finally appeared again and annouced he and Outoe had made a couple of songs together.Now Tech is working on his next mixtape.

Swift is one of Swagged Out Crews newest members wit his sex and drug releated rappin style he has featured on many of Outoe's tracks threw out 2012 and 2013.As of 2013 he is planning on releasing his debut mixtape in 2014 or 2015.In the middle of 2014 Swift appeared on some of Outoe's Tracks.

Jade Jade debut in the group on one of Outoe's tracks and now is planning to release her first mixtape in Lesbihonest Mixtape in 2014 or 2015.As of 2014 she is half way complete with her mixtape and has been working on Outoe,Joka Boi, & Swagged Out Crew Mixtapes.

Gator Boi Real name Kobe debuted 2013 on Outoe's Tapout(remix).As of 2014 Gator is thinking about releasing a solo mixtape and since 2013-2014 Gator has appeared on Outoe,Joka Boi,Jade,Mohawk Boyz & Swagged Out Crew Mixtapes as a featured artist.

Thad "Lil Red" Lil Red is his rapping name appearing on many of Swagged Out Crew memebers tracks as of 2011 his group debuted there first mixtape Laundromat 1967.In 2012 the group just stay out the scene doing many features as they can with Swagged Out Crew Members.As of 2013 Lil Red and his group is working on Shock Treatment with it's lead single being Yuck featuring Outoe.As of 2014 Red has been working on Mohawk Boyz Next Mixtape Rated R and appeared on Outoe,Joka Boi, & Swagged Out Crew's 2014 mixtapes.

Eitan "Mohawk Black" Eitan is apart of Mohawks with Thad And his brother E with the success of there first mixtape Mohawk Boyz have already talking about working on there 3rd mixtape after the 2nd one is done.As of 2014 he is working on Mohawk Boyz next mixtape Rated R with Lil Red 

Lil E E is apart of Mohawk Boyz but hasn't appeared on any track from Laundromat 1967 or Shock Treatment as of 2011-2013 he has be featured as beening on a hiatus threw the years.As of 2014 Lil E has yet to appear on a track with Mohawk Boyz or any Swagged Out Crew rapper or singer

kobe Kobe debuted on 1.16.14 after the release of Outoe's #WelcomeToOutoeWorld2 track "Will She" also featuring Jade and now he is working on Swagged Out Crew's Trap Musik V

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