Sustaination is a British social marketplace platform that connects local food producers with local buyers such as individuals, shop owners, bakers, restaurant managers, hoteliers and wholesalers.[1]

Described as “the dating site for local food businesses”, Sustaination facilitates the creation of local and regional food supply networks.[2] Both buyers and farmers can create a profile on the site and list the produce they are looking to buy or sell, as well as view other parties willing to do business in their local area. This allows buyers to purchase fresher food from local farmers with a minimal carbon footprint, while farmers can reduce packaging, fuel and transportation costs.

Regular emails keep community members abreast of all the activity in their local area. Users can easily update their profile with food offers or needs — just as one would enter a status update on a traditional social network. Users can upload photos and videos of their produce or business and share, learn and compare with other companies to check and improve their performance. It is free for both sellers and buyers to create a profile and trade within a seven mile radius. Outside of that, pricing plans will be put in place for trading within 15 mile, 50 mile, and 50 mile plus areas.


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