Surgical oncology research center

Surgical Oncology Research Center (SORC) was founded in 2010 with the belief that moving in parallel toward current knowledge and attempting to produce epidemiologic evidences for better healthcare services with the best quality to the patients require maintaining a close partnership with the scientific communities all over the world, undertaking fundamental and applied research projects, providing surgeons with the continuous educational programs, as well as employing experienced and highly qualified staff.

To integrate research with education and intervention, and to undertake national and international research projects, the center seeks to promote contribution of our country to knowledge production, while it is also intended to put research into practice (applied research). Thus, using available resources and its members' capabilities, the center would provide enthusiastic researchers with a warm and inviting atmosphere suitable for the research in the field of surgical oncology.

The center was granted a provisional approval by the Iranian Supreme Council for the Expansion of Medical Universities on January 11, 2011. Therefore, today we are more determined than ever to implement the strategic plan and continue with our mission.

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