Ms. Suraya Issa CEO/Owner Baifagroup, an Award Winning Author, Writer, Poet, Humanitarian, a Designer, Entrepreneur, Independent Scholar, a former beauty pageant winner and she was awared the Black Canadian Women Awards - Role Model

As a writer and a Poet, Suraya has published about 19 books in counting. While holding a number of honours degrees and certifications. She's had years of experiences in Management, Public Policy, Research and Public Servant among others accomplishments. On humanitarian grounds, Suraya uses some of the percentage of royalties from the sale of her books to help the less privileged and orphans, mainly in Africa.

As a designer, Suraya has a test for high end products. Discover Baifa’s Jewelry line and Baifa Couture.

Suraya plans to use the percentage from the sale of her Clothing and Jewelry lines to set up a Centre for Youths and Women Advancements in South Sudan - to cater for the less privileged, vocational training, adult education and counseling.

Suray Issa

Discover Baifa collections by Suraya Issa, and indulge in sophisticated Jewelry and clothing lines to quench your thirst for luxurious brand, among other products..

Ask us about the discounts on Suraya’s Novels, Poems and Children Books. Everything Baifa will be showcased on Baifa Television - Fashion & Adverting Network. (Visit for the books)

Baifagroup also the proud sponsor of the African Entertainment Awards, Canada.

Join us in congratulating Suraya Issa as one of the honorees for the Black Canadian Women Awards, 2016


Awards and honors

1) Black Canadian Women Awards - Role Model, 2016

2) Good Samaritan Award, 2014/2015 Capitol HillWashington DC

3) Outstanding Achievement Award - VFS, W ashington DC,2014

4) Promotion of Girl Child Education

5) Multicultural Award, Ontario, Canada

6) Honor's Political Science & International Studies, ON

7) Publication (How to improve the condition of women)

8) Volunteer Certificate, Ontario, Canada

9) Recognized for writing a poem on Ebola, Toronto, Canada

10) Top of Class Award (Royal Colleg


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