The Superstar Foundation [1] is a nonprofit organization that provides grants to human service workers in the United States of America in recognition of superior performance as measured by data.[2] The Foundation was created by Steve Butz in 2008.


The Superstar Foundation was created in June 2008. The purpose of the Foundation is to reward high performing human service providers whose performance is measured by data with grants. [3] According to the National Association of Social Workers, the average social worker in the United States is paid $44,900. The Foundation rewards superior performing human service providers by providing them with cash incentives in an effort to encourage their continued high performance and employment in the nonprofit sector.

About the Foundation

The Foundation was created to award grants to high performing human service providers to recognize their personal achievements and to encourage outstanding human service performance throughout the nonprofit sector. The Foundation believes that by providing performance based financial compensation it will help to retain current human service industry providers and attract future nonprofit workers. The Foundation also aims to raise the level of competition among providers with the intent that it will also raise the field’s positive outcomes.

The Foundation believes that by recognizing and rewarding the highest performers in the social service field, this will create a larger group of these individuals motivated by recognition and competition.

Another goal of The Superstar Foundation is to raise public awareness of the societal impact made by the work of human service providers.

The Superstar Foundation awards cash grants to high performing human service providers.[4]” The grants are intended to be awarded annually.

Inaugural Grants

On December 12, 2008 the Foundation awarded its inaugural grants, worth $2,000 each, to three human service providers. A panel of leaders from the nonprofit sector chose the individuals, who were required to show data that proved their effectiveness, from the following five service categories:

• Youth development

• After school/ out-of-school services

• Adult men’s services

• Adult women’s services

• Family services

Future of the Foundation

The Superstar Foundation has plans to grow its awards to $20,000 cash grants presented to 20 – 30 individuals each year. The Foundation plans to continue its fundraising efforts towards the goal of creating a $10 million endowment that would allow it to someday award $400,000 to $500,000 to 40 – 50 individuals a year.

About Steve Butz

Steve Butz is the Chairman of the Board and the executive director of the Superstar Foundation. He is also the President and founder of Social Solutions. Butz began his work in the human services industry as a direct case worker at the Living Classrooms Foundation.[5] During his time there, he was charged with developing the life skills of “at risk” youth referred to the program by the Maryland Department of Juvenile Justice.[6]” Much of Butz’s inspiration behind creating the Superstar Foundation came from his own years of social service experience. He is also a founder of Social Solutions and sits on the board of other NPOs.


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