Super-Dreadnought Girl 4946
(Chōdokyū Shōjo 4946)

Action, Comedy, Romance

Written by Azuma Takeshi
Published by Shogakukan
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Shōnen Sunday Super
Original run April 2009July 2011


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Super-Dreadnought Girl 4946 known in Japan as Chōdokyū Shōjo 4946 (超弩級少女4946?) is a Japanese manga by Azuma Takeshi and serialized in Shogakukan's manga magazine Shōnen Sunday Super.

With his phrase "don't you dare make girls cry," Makoto Tobita has failed his 30th confession, but that won't stop him. Promising to do anything for the girl who smiles at him, no matter what it is, what will happen now when the alien-fighting giant girl, Mana Eimiya, is in love with him?


In this story, it's revealed that all of the wars fought over the past 30 years were part of a masquerade to keep the public in the dark about an alien invasion. The nations of the world are fighting the enormous alien monsters with a number of giant organisms called Category D's. One of these is Mana Eimiya, a 49.46-metre-tall girl whose job is to periodically come out of hiding and beat up incoming aliens, apparently with just her bare hands.

Problem is, she's fallen head over heels for a guy 40 times shorter than her - a boy named Makoto Tobita with spiky hair and an obsession with chivalry and being overprotective of girls. Can this unlikely relationship work?


Mana Eimiya (Super-Dreadnought Girl)
Mana is fifteen years old and 49 Meters 46 Centimeters tall. At the age of 5 she lost her life and her family in an unfortunate accident, as her soul was leaving her body a Category D life form absorbed her soul into its body and saved her, changing Mana in to a giantess. Mana is also a Yokai who gains strength by eating human souls. She works for the Japanese government with the code name Earth's Guardian Angel. She has incredible strength even for her size and she is able to fire a laser by crossing her arms. Personality-wise she's basically a happy-go lucky yet lonely girl who wants to make friends and be like a normal girl. She falls in love with Makoto Tobita due to his bravery and kindness and decides to become his wife, a decision which Tobita was not too happy with at first. In the final volume it was revealed that Mana would be shorter than Tobita if she was normal size.
Makoto Tobita
Also known as "Chibita", a play on his name and the word chibi, due to his height making him the smallest boy in the school. Tobita is a fifteen year old hot-blooded boy who is obsessed with chivalry and protecting girls and his friends. He and his younger sister come from a long line of Demon Slayers. On the day of a monster attack Tobita was left behind in the school and the monster was about to attack him, when suddenly Mana protected him but was quickly knocked down. Tobita tries to protect Mana but she was able to dispose of the monster and upon seeing Tobita's bravery, she falls in love with him. When they met again he explained to Mana that he hates girls that selfishly use him but Mana still did everything she could to make Tobita love her back. After he learns of her fate and mission Tobita stays with Mana to help and protect her any way he can. When Mana is losing a battle Tobita tells her to swallow him to devour his soul for three minutes making her strength grow, normally a person devoured by a soul eating Yokai even for one minute would be dead but because of his Demon Slayer heritage Tobita is usually spat out unharmed. As time goes by Tobita and Mana's relationship grows to the point where they truly fall in love with each other by accepting the way they are.

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