Formation of the Sunday Football League

The Sunday Football League is an amateur soccer organisation based out of Sallynoggin, Co. Dublin, Ireland. The League was launched in April 2012 by co-founders Dean Cunningham and Simon "the commish" Hammond. The organisation schedules small-sided soccer matches on a weekly basis. In the league's brief history, it has facilitated football matches for over fifty local amateur footballers.


The Sunday Football League issues several awards to its members on a weekly basis:

  • The Golden Brick

The Golden Brick award is presented to the player who has made the most errors in a game, had a nightmarish moment, or causes the biggest laugh(!)

  • Team of the Week

A small sided select is picked by the league's organisers after each game.

  • Golden Boot

The Golden Boot Award is a monthly award presented to the player with the most goals scored in the given period, or for the best stand out finish.

Award Recipients

  • Simon "the commish" Hammond is the league's leading Golden Brick winner (2). Simon also won the most improved footballer award for May 2012.
  • Ciaran Kavanagh is the league's most prolific goalscorer, having won the golden boot on two consecutive occasions. Kavanagh is often criticised for his "lazy" and "selfish" approach to the game, a mind-set which he claims to be the secret to his success. He has been referred to as "the real life Dennis Reynolds".


The League's Commissioner, Simon "commish" Hammond, is no stranger to controversy . He has a reputation of being a stern and strict commissioner. His leadership suitability has been called into question on several occasions by the leagues' members. However he is a skilled debater, and often overcomes the odds with the use of his signature phrase "that's football". Before becoming the non-elected commissioner of Sunday Football, Hammond's first venture into football administration was presiding over FIFA video game tournaments. Hammond has also had a successful career in football management, having been a mini-world-cup winning manager in his younger days. This was a campaign that saw Hammond escape a match-fixing scandal. It was reported that Hammond, agreed with his opposition to play out a draw in a group game - a result that would see both sides advance to the knock-out stages. However Hammond instructed his team to go for the win and recorded a monumental landslide victory. After the game he was quoted saying "That's football".

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