«Sun Blinding» (Azerbaijani: Gözünə gün düşür) is a short story of Azerbaijani author Elchin Huseynbeyli. The story has been translated into English, Russian, Georgian, and other languages.[1] A story was written in 2010, and published in the June issue of «Friendship of Peoples», and posted on the website of the newspaper.[2]


A seriously ill Azerbaijani doctor goes to Karabakh occupied by Armenians to fulfill the will of his grandfather and plant a tree in his yard. The hero wants to see his father’s grave. But this area is controlled by the Armenians and they take captive the Azerbaijani doctor. But after some negotiations, he is still allowed to fulfill his desire.[2]


On the basis of the story, through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan was shot a movie “The Way”.[1] In March 2011, the film was presented at the Oberhausen International Film Festival in Germany.[3]

Situation with «If Only Everyone»

The film «If Only Everyone» was shot in 2012 by Natalia Belyauskene under the patronage of the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan. The screenwriters are Teresa Varzhapetyan and Michael Poghosyan. Armenian websites posted messages about the plot of the film and a short video of the picture. The film was included in the list of film awards “Oscar” in the category “Best Foreign Language Film”. The plot of the film with little distortion is virtually identical to the events taking place in the «Sun Blinding».[1]

Film «If Only Everyone» tells of how a Russian girl Sasha comes from Saratov to Karabakh. Her father was killed in the Karabakh war. The daughter intends to plant a tree on his grave. But the tomb is located in the territory controlled by the Azerbaijanis. And when, with the help of her father's commander, she plants the tree, they are encountered with Azerbaijani shepherd. The latter, upon finding out the purpose of their actions, lets them go, telling that his son has died on the other side of the border and he has no possibility to plant a tree on his grave. The commander, after returning to Karabakh, fulfills the wish of Azervaijani shepherd. Huseynbeyli assumes that the Armenians have read this story on the Russian sites.

There was an oral discussion of the topic with representatives of the structure. In October 19 there was a special press conference in Azerbaijan Writers Union, dedicated to the subject. The event was attended by representatives of the Copyright Agency of Azerbaijan. Huseynbeyli also suggested Copyright Agency of Azerbaijan contact on the matter to the Committee for Movie Awards “Oscar”.[1]


4.özünə gün düşür (hekayə) ru:Солнце бьёт в глаза

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