Sultan Radi al-Utaibi (January 18, 1985.[1] - September 14, 2009) is a citizen of Saudi Arabia who was named on a list of Saudi Arabia's most wanted suspected terrorists on February 3, 2009.[2][3] He was one of several suspected jihadists killed in an explosion while they were assembling a bomb in a house used by Al-Qaeda in Yemen on September 14, 2009.[4] Saudi officials named two other men who had been killed in that explosion: Fahd Salih Sulayman Al Jutayli, a former Saudi captive in Guantanamo; and Mohammed Abdel-Rahman al-Rashed, also named on the most wanted list.

Saudi officials announced on January 18, 2010, that they had confirmed the three men's identity through DNA tests.[2][3]

In September 2010, al-Qaeda offered a Video of the Sultan and others deaths on September 14, 2009


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