Suicide Bid are a musical collective from Manchester, London, Philadelphia, Scotland and a few more places. They released their first CD, a mini album entitled This Is The Generation in late 2005. Their second release, and first full-length - 'The Rot Stops Here' - arrived in November 2006.

Suicide Bid features members and ex-members of many prominent UK bands, including King Prawn, The Filaments, Ex-Cathedra, Sonic Boom Six, The King Blues, Inner Terrestrials, The Foamers, Deathskulls, Black Radio, The Ambition and P.A.I.N.

Their sound is described as a "heady mix of bass heavy dub punk".

Suicide Bid will also be releasing split seven inches this year with Alabama punk rock heroes Hush Hush Revolution and Philadelphia folk punk legends Mischief Brew.


The "Band Members" section on Suicide Bid's Myspace account goes like this:

  • Andi - Slurs
  • Niki Nailbomb - Beats
  • Babar - Toasting
  • J - Smooth grooves, penny whistle, DD3
  • Jonny 1 Lung - Guitars, Vox, Organ, Glockenspiel
  • Pete Hudson - Sub Bass, Sax, Jaw Harp
  • Al Gunby- Drums
  • Mr Wilson - The Boss DJ, Vox
  • Sandra - Silky smooth vox
  • Phil - Snarls
  • Laila K - Vocalising
  • Itch - Raggamuffin statement
  • Barney Boom - Vox and Melodica
  • Ben Childs- Harmonies
  • The Boss - Guitars
  • Jim - Percussion
  • Ben Cormack- Organ
  • Bones - Trumpet
  • Kerem - Vox
  • Jim Parmly - Percussion


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