Over the course of the manga series Kinnikuman, the protagonist Suguru Kinniku displays a vast selection of techniques, more than any other character in the series. These are listed here.

Trademark Techniques

Kajiba no Kuso-jikara

Kajiba no Kuso-jikara (火事場のクソ力?), Kinnikuman's Burning Inner Strength. Originally called the Kajiba no Baka-jikara (火事場のバカ力), it is literally a burning display of power. It is Kinnikuman's ability to improvise during battle despite his ignorance, last longer than a Choujin with a mere 950,000 power should, and overcome great obstacles. His great luck is also believed to be part of this. Though a more literal translation would be Burning Idiotic Strength, most English speaking fans prefer Burning Inner Strength. In the English VIZ manga, this ability is referred to simply as "The Fire," and in the English dub of Kinnikuman: Nisei is called "Ultimate Muscle."

Burning Bazooka (火事場のバズーカ, Kajiba no Bazuuka)
Used during the fight with Planetman. Planetman had put a map of the world on Kinnikuman's body, and hitting a country would harm Seigi Choujins from that country. Planetman then launched his Apron Dyanmite fireball at Kinnikuman's homeland of Japan, but Kinnikuman caught it and threw it back.
Burning Megaton Punch (火事場のメガトンパンチ, Kajiba no Megaton Panchi)
Used during the fight with Akuma Shogun. A super strong punch powerful enough to pierce Shogun's Diamond Armor.
Burning Bridge (火事場のブリッジ, Kajiba no Burijji)
Used during the fight with Akuma Shogun. Shogun used his godly powers to transport the weakened Seigi Choujin's from their prison bubbles to beneath the ring, forcing them to hold it up or be crushed. Kinnikuman arched his body after being knocked down and stayed like that as Shogun beat on him, protecting the Seigi Choujin's from being crushed.
Burning Magnet Power (火事場のマグネット・パワー, Kajiba no Magunetto Pawaa)
Used during the fight with the Hell Missionaries. Kinnikuman had absorbed so much Magnet Power that he was able to use it himself.
Burning Uneven Bars (火事場の段ちがい平行棒, Kajiba no Danchigai Heikoubou)
Used during the fight with the Hell Missionaries. While King and Neptuneman tried to use their Magnet Power and do the Cross Bomber, Kinnikuman broke free of the magnetic hold and kicked King in the face. He then (while still in midair from the kick) backflipped and kicked Neptuneman in the face.
Burning Big Wave (火事場のビッグ・ウェーブ, Kajiba no Biggu Weebu)
Used during the fight with Mr. VTR. Knocked into the water around the ring, Kinnikuman surfed back to the ring on a piece of debris.

Kinniku Buster

Kinniku Buster (キン肉バスター?), Kinnikuman's trademark (and most popular) attack and one of the 48 Killer Moves. First used during the fight with Warsman. He places an opponent's neck on his shoulder and grabs their thighs. He then jumps up and lands in a sitdown position, causing damage to the neck, spine, and groin. This move is also used by his son Mantarou.

Neo Kinniku Buster (新(ネオ)キン肉バスター)
First used during the fight with Buffaloman. While upside down (or reversing a Kinniku Buster), Kinnikuman does a standard Kinniku Buster hold. He then spins around violently, causing himself and his opponent to fly upwards and land on the ceiling.
Double Kinniku Buster (ダブルキン肉バスター)
Used as the deciding move during the fight with Buffaloman. Kinnikuman does a Neo Kinniku Buster followed by a standard Buster while he and his opponent descend towards the ring.
Side Kinniku Buster (サイドキン肉バスター)
Used during the fight with Akuma Shogun. Kinnikuman grabs his opponent in a standard Buster hold and jumps onto the ropes. He then launches himself sideways, landing on the wall.
Muscle Docking (マッスル・ドッキング)
A tag technique first used during the fight with The 4D Killer Combo. Kinnikuman and his partner each take an opponent. While one performs a Kinniku Buster on his foe, the other performs a Kinniku Driver on his. With the one performing the Buster descending and the one performing the Driver ascending, they "dock" when the Buster performer sits on the other's shoulders. They then drive into the canvas, affecting both opponents.
Buster Variation Part 5 (バスターバリエーションPART5)
Used by Kinnikuman and Terryman on Big the Budou during the fight with the Hell Missionaries. Kinnikuman and Terry grab one opponent and simultaneously perform a Kinniku Buster on him, both grabbing one side.

Kinniku Driver

Kinniku Driver (キン肉ドライバー?), First used during the fight with Ashuraman. Kinnikuman runs up to his opponent and places his head between their legs. He then leaps up, flips the opponent upside down, places his feet on the underside of their arms, and drives them into the canvas.

Muscle Spark

Muscle Spark (マッスルスパーク?), Kinnikuman ultimate technique and one of the Kinniku Clan's Three Great Techniques. Kinnikuman bounces his opponent off his chest and into the air numerous times. He then leaps up after them and gets behind them. He then grabs their wrists with his hands, their neck with his right leg, and their left leg with his left leg, and pulls. As they descend, he gets back-to-back with his opponent and grabs their arms and hooks their legs with his. Right before they hit the canvas, he arches his back causing his opponent's body to fold, and drives them neck and knees first into the canvas.

Two Incomplete Versions of this technique exist: Kinnikuman's, where he only grabs the neck and left leg with his legs, and Ataru's, where he only does the last part. Kinnikuman fuses the two together in order to perfect the technique.

The 48 Killer Techniques

48 Killer Techniques (48の殺人技, Yonjuuhachi no Satsujin Waza?), Part One of Prince Kamehame's 100 Special Techniques, taught to Kinnikuman in order to defeat Jesse Maivia. The Kinniku Buster and Kinniku Driver are among these.

Fuu Rin Ka Zan (風林火山?)
Used as the deciding move during the fight with Jesse Maivia. Kinnikuman first puts his opponent in a double underhook hold, spins him around, throwing him from arm to arm, and slams him into the canvas ( Fuu, "Quick Like the Wind"). He then grabs his opponent under his arm and jumps into the air, flipping himself and the victim around until he has him in a piledriver hold. ( Rin, "Silent Like the Forest"). With his opponent in a piledriver hold, Kinnikuman drives him into the canvas ( Ka, "Conquer Like the Fire"). Finally, he throws his opponent into the air, jumps up after him, catches him in a Reverse Romero Special, and falls back to the canvas ( Zan, "Immovable Like the Mountain").
No. 1
A punch strong enough to send an opponent flying towards The Moon (though it could reach Pluto, if the moon was not in the way).
Flying Punch (フライングパンチ?)
Kinnikuman jumps into the air and throws a punch at his opponent as he descends.
Devil Fire (デビルファイア?)
An aura-based attack that only appears in Movie 2.
Choujin Hanging (超人絞殺刑, Choujin Kousatsu Kei?)
First used on Neptuneman during the Dream Tag Tournament. With his opponent near the ropes, Kinnikuman jumps over their head. He then grabs their wrists and wraps his legs around their neck, pulling down on them and driving them into the rope. He usually uses it as a submission hold. In Nisei it is renamed the Ultimate Death Penalty (アルティメット・デスペナルティ?).

The 52 Submissions

52 Submissions (52の関節技, Gojuuni no Kansetsu Waza?), Part Two of Prince Kamehame's 100 Special Techniques. He originally meant to teach Kinnikuman them during the Dream Tag Tournament but died before he could, so he used The Omegaman taking his soul and transforming into him as the perfect opportunity.

Side Guard (脇固め, Waki Gatame)
Suguru grabs his opponent's right arm and slams them face down into the canvas. He then begins pulling back on their arm.
Bow Backbreaker (ボー・バックブリーカー)
Suguru puts his downed opponent on his side. He then grabs one of the opponent's wrists with one hand and an ankle with the other and places his knee against the opponent's back. He then pulls on the wrist and ankle, digging his knee into the back.
Gory Especial Hold (ゴリー・エスペシャル・ホールド)
Facing back-to-back with an opponent, Suguru grabs the opponent's wrists and lifts up their body, causing their feet to rest on his thighs, and pulls on their arms.
Kangaroo Clutch (カンガルー・クラッチ)
Suguru grabs his opponent's feet and lifts their body into the air. He then puts their legs on his shoulders and quickly grabs both of their wrists. He then crouches down, touches their elbows on his knees, and pulls on their arms. The name comes form the fact that (when performed correctly) the hold could tear a hole in the opponent's stomach, creating a "pouch".
Global Plane Spin (グローバルプレーンスピン)
Suguru does a Pommel horse spin on his opponent's head, making them so dizzy that they fall over. He then performs a body splash on the opponent.
Hell's Manji Hold (地獄卍固め, Jigoku Manji Gatame)
A variation of the Manji Hold. Suguru gets behind an opponent and wraps his right leg around their torso. He then grabs the opponent's right arm with both hands and pulls on it.
Captured (キャプチュード)
While in midair, Suguru grabs the opponent's neck with his left hand and hooks their left leg with his right hand. He then flips back and drives back-first them into the canvas.
Archery Stretch (アーチェリーストレッチ)
With his opponent face down, Suguru hooks their legs together and grabs the opponent's wrist's with his hands.

Face Flash

Face Flash (フェイスフラッシュ?), A very special technique that can only be used by members of the Kinniku Clan. Kinnikuman lifts his mask, creating a very bright and powerful flash. It has no specific purpose as it can perform several different tasks. Kinnikuman has used it to cleanse a river (unintentionally), bend metal, shield himself and Robin Mask, attack Super Phoenix, and revive his fallen comrades.

The Niku Curtain

Niku Curtain (肉のカーテン, Niku no Kaaten?), First used during the fight with Warsman. A special defense stance developed by Kinnikuman's grandfather Tatsunori. Kinnikuman holds his forearms in front of his face in an upside down V. Mayumi claims that it is impenetrable. In the first anime it was called the Kinniku Guard (キン肉ガード).

Niku Curtain Attack (肉のカーテンアタック, Niku no Kaaten Atakku)
First used during the fight with Ashuraman. Kinnikuman launches himself horizontally towards an opponent while performing the Niku Curtain.

Tag Team Techniques

Muscle Docking (マッスル・ドッキング)
see Kinniku Buster
Muscle Rolling (マッスル・ローリング)
Muscle Fireball Bullet (マッスル・火玉弾, Massuru Kagyokudan)
Buster Variation Part 5 (バスターバリエーションPART5)
see Kinniku Buster
Double Brainbuster of Friendship (友情のダブルブレーンバスター, Yuujou no Daburu Bureen Basutaa)
Double Camel Clutch of Friendship (友情のダブルキャメル・クラッチ, Yuujou no Daburu Kyameru Kuratchi)
Ganryuu Island Drop (巌流島ドロップ, Ganryuu-jima Doroppu)
Rainbow Bridge Suplex (レインボーブリッジスープレックス)
Cross Bomber (クロス・ボンバー)
Cross Enzui (クロス延髄)

One-Time Moves

Eisbahn Attack (アイスバーン・アタック)
Sun Muscle (サン・マッスル)
Niku-dan Elbow Drop (肉弾エルボードロップ)
Tower Bridge (タワーブリッジ)
U-Boat (ユーボート)
Black Hole Suplex (ブラックホールスープレックス)
Kinniku Landmine (キン肉地雷, Kinniku Jirai)
Muscle Blizzard (マッスルブリザード)
Elbow Storm (エルボーの嵐, Eruboo no Arashi)
Diamond Headbutt (ダイアモンド・ヘッドバット)
Texas Condor Kick (テキサス・コンドルキック)
Long Horn Bomber (ロングホーン・ボンバー)
Hawk Hunting (ホークハンチング)
Rodeo Skip (ロデオスキップ)
Muscle Lariat (マッスルラリアット?)

Monster Extermination Techniques

Kinniku Flash (キン肉フラッシュ)
Yoshinoya Kinniku Flash (吉野家キン肉フラッシュ)
Kinniku Beam (キン肉ビーム)
Kinniku Special (キン肉スペシャル)

Standard Pro Wrestling Holds

Kinnikuman's overall wrestling style is based on that of wrestling legend Antonio Inoki, of whom Suguru was a huge fan. The Back Drop and Neck Breaker Drop were used most frequently, the Back Drop is even considered one of his trademarks. Though only used once by Suguru, the Enzuigiri was one of Inoki's most popular finishers.

Back Drop
Neckbreaker Drop
Body Attack
Mexican Rolling Clutch Hold
Shoulder Buster
Head Scissors
Boston Crab
Figure-4 Leg Lock
Front Suplex
German Suplex
Reverse Romero Special
Bear Hug
Cobra Twist
Dragon Suplex
Flying Body Scissors Drop
Atomic Drop
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