Strut is a failed song from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. It failed because the record company didn't like the idea of Nicki and Lady GaGa together, so they scraped it from the album without Nicki's permission. It would have taked the place of Sex In The Lounge, and then would have been released as a single instead of Beez In The Trap. But it was revealed by GaGa it is on Nicki's album Pink Friday: The Pinkprint.

How It's Back

Nicki found out that they scraped it when it wasn't on the album. Then Nicki searched her computer for the scraped songs (that are the bonus tracks on Pink Friday: The Pinkprint) and found them. Then she questioned the staff about it. She got the awnser that "they scraped it because she shouldn't work with [Lady] GaGa". Then to which Nicki replied "I don't give a f**k. We worked hard on that song. It deserves to get popularity". And because of that argument, Strut is now the 10th single from The Pinkprint and finds itself with the other scraped songs on the deluxe edition of Pink Friday: The Pinkprint.

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