Stripe is a fictional character from the Gremlins film series. Stripe made his first appearance in the film Gremlins as the leader of the first batch of Gremlins who where once mogwai that where fed after midnight.


Stripe appears with the appearance of an ordinary Gremlin from the Gremlins film series, only Stripe is a lighter color of green while the other Gremlins appear in a dark greenish-brown color. Stripe also has a patch of white fur on his head which got him his nickname Stripe. Stripe has three fingers on each of his hands like the other Gremlins and legs that are shorter than his arms.


Stripe seems to be more serious than all of the other Gremlins and does not like to wast his time by committing actions such getting drunk at a tavern or watching children's movies such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Stripe seems to have a preference to use a handgun as a weapon. Stripe has a personality similar to that of a gangster when it comes to his batch of Gremlins that he once lead in the first film Gremlins. His choice of weaponry can be seen in the first film when he shoots one of his other fellow Gremlins, uses a chainsaw to attack Billy, and uses another handgun near the end of the film.


Stripe is the archenemy of a mogwai named Gizmo who he loves to torment and bully. The rivalry between Stripe and Gizmo became so great that a video game called Stripe vs. Gizmo was made to represent their rivalry. When he was still a mogwai, Stripe was seen throwing-up on Gizmo on purposes.

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