A Stress Flip is a flip or kick where the individual leaps into the air and then rotates sideways while the entire right or left side of his body remains parallel to the floor. The individual doing the Stress Flip should rotate 180-360 degrees without breaking their relation to the floor.

Stress Flip


The Stress Flip was first created by bboy Stress Boogie (Benito J. Gallardo) from the Knucklehead Zoo/Super Cr3w in 2000. Stress described the flip as mimicking the movement of a skater’s board while doing a pop shove-it.


The flip is primarily used in bboying[1] but has also migrated into free running[2] and tricking[3].

* Tuck[4]
* Pike or Toe Touch[5]
* Layout[6]
* Frisbee


The hand is used to preform a quick hop. In this style the person lands back on their hand instead of their feet and usually continues with their momentum into a power-move e.g. flair or windmill. This variation was first created by Steve Corral from the Knucklehead Zoo in 2004


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