Str8 Rippin is a Halo:Reach and formerly Halo 2 and Halo 3 team which compete as a part of Major League Gaming, an American video gaming league. They are currently sponsored by Dr Pepper.


The team's original roster was AmaZin FunK, EnergizeD IE, LohTek and Get TraumatizeDD. Under the name "Not So STR8 RIPPIN" they placed 3rd at San Francisco. That was the only event they attended under that name, as it was shortened to just "STR8 RIPPIN" for the next event. MoTiioN was added to the roster later in the season after FunK quit to be with his now ex girlfriend, Rachel. They were able to defeat the dominating Team 3D squad in Philadelphia. They struggled to place after that event so EnergizeD was eventually dropped. They were sponsored by Trademark Gamers for part of the 2005 season.

LohTeK and TraumatizeDD struggled to find players that matched their playing style in the 2006 season. They started the season off with Malo and PhenoM . After four events and a 7th place finish, they let go of Malo. They picked up The IcEyyy Man to take his place. Malo rejoined his old teammates Vash and Mack. The team continued to struggle so LohTek and TraumatizeDD were eventually released.

At the 2006 Halo 2 National Championships, Str8 Rippin finished 3rd and won $30,000. On December 18, 2006 MLG signed the team to a 3-year, $1,000,000 deal. The team appeared on all MLG shows that were shown weekly on the USA Network from November to December 2006 and G4TV's Halo 3 show that aired in the fall of 2007.

At the start of 2007, Str8 was composed of LohTek and TraumatizeDD, who came back to Str8 to join fellow friends, PhenoM and IcEyyy Man. The team placed 5th at MLG Charlotte after losing to the 1st place finishers Final Boss and second place Carbon. PhenoM and IcEyyy Man then left to join Perfect Storm. They were replaced by MoTiioN from Team Make It Rain and ForePlay from team EnVyUs. After MLG Meadowlands LohTek's longtime teammate TraumatizeDD had left the team along with ForePlay. LohTek then recruited former Str8 players EnergizeD and IcEyyy Man for the MLG Dallas tournament. After the event, TraumatizeDD rejoined Str8 Rippin along with LohTeK's good personal friend, Metaphor (of FBI The Agency and Team Ex) to replace Energized and IcEyyy Man.

In the next event in Orlando, LohTeK, TraumatizeDD, Metaphor and MoTiioN won the tournament defeating Final Boss 6-2 in the Championship match, becoming the first team other than Final Boss and Carbon to win an event in two seasons. Str8 gained a lot of support going into the National Championships in Las Vegas. Sundance DiGiovanni actually picked them to win the tournament. In reality, Las Vegas turned out to be a disappointment as they lost to Carbon in the Losers Bracket Finals. They finished third.

They continued with the same lineup in Meadowlands 2008 which was the first MLG Halo 3 event. They finished in 5th. The team rallied back in San Diego, dropping only one gametype the entire tournament. Metaphor was then offered to join Final Boss to fill the space of the dropped Walshy. He received a bonus grant from 'Gilbert Arenas' (the sponsor of Final Boss) to join the team. Str8 needed a strong main slayer to fill the void left by Neighbor. Triggers Down's young superstar RefleX joined the team during a massive series of team changes where every top 8 team made a change.

With their new lineup, they defeated Instinct in the finals to take MLG Toronto. During the tournament, Str8 made an amazing comeback against Final Boss and their former teammate Metaphor after being down 0-2. They then won 3 straight games to take the series.

They went into the playoffs in Dallas as the favorites but came up short, losing two series in a row to the new Triggers Down with newly acquired Karma. They finished 2nd. Str8 took the loss hard and practiced very hard for the 2008 National Championships in Las Vegas. The hard work paid off and they won, becoming the first Halo 3 National Champions.

In the first event of 2009 in the Meadowlands, the team took 4th in the tournament after being defeated by Triggers Down. Practicing really hard for the next event in Columbus, they beat Triggers Down in convincing fashion, taking 1st.

Str8 Rippin came in 6th at the 2009 Orlando National Championship. Many fans were shocked as they were upset by Believe the Hype. They could not recover from this loss and were quickly taken out of the tournament by Carbon. The 2009 season showed a glimmer of hope for the team in Columbus, but they couldn't match the success they had in 2008.

In 2011 Str8 Rippin could not live up to their winning past, having their best finsh 2nd at Columbus. The team now currently is Tom Taylor "Tsquard" (Captain), Kyle Elam "Elamite Warrior", Mason Cobb "Neighbor", Bryan Rizzo "Legit",

Everett Coleman "Small" (Coach)

Current roster

Active Rosters
Country Name Alias
United States Tom Taylor Tsquared
United States Kyle Elam Elamite Warrior
United States Mason Cobb Neighbor
United States Bryan Rizzo Legit
Country Name Alias
United States Everett Coleman Small

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