Sterlin C

Samuel Christopher Steven Collis Horgan (Born 10th March 1988), Better known by his stage name Sterlin C, is a UK Rapper, Producer and Actor. His Rap’s songs that deal with various different topics such as sex, drugs, murder and rebellion have become popular with an underground audience. Although he hasn’t put out an Album yet he has stated that it’s in the works and he’ll drop this independently before the end of 2012.

Early Life

Sterlin C was Born Samuel Christopher Steven Collis Horgan on 10th March 1988 in Kingston upon Thames, London to his Mother Dian to Father Steven. He is of Scottish, Irish and English Ancestry. His Father abandoned him and his mother when he was just 6 months old and was raised by his mother and Step-Father from the age of 3 years old. As a Child Sterlin C developed a keen interest in Poetry and Story-telling this infused with music, he also stated he had an interest in Art and became very popular amongst school friends for drawing pictures of friends and Comics, Sterlin also enjoyed acting and acted in several school productions and a couple short films. During his teenage year’s Sterlin Began writing his own Hip Hop songs and recorded on an old tape deck that recorded on a mic built into the tape deck. He recalls laying the Vocal’s down on instrumental’s of Well Known songs such Wu Tang Clan’s “Protect ya Neck” on separate tape deck playing the beat. He admits that he has locked these tapes up forever so no one can ever hear them. At the age of 15 Sterlin began experimenting with different programs and learning how to craft music after been given access to a recording studio.


Sterlin Revealed via twitter he wanted to release his first EP which he self-titled “DoomBox 2012” by the end of 2012. He has also revealed that all of his music has been produced by one producer (Hala X) of Shadowville Production’s.

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