Stephanie Raechel McKay(born September 30th 1982) is a Canadian artist and writer. She started drawing at the age of 5, with a real passion for it and continued to excel. She draws both fanart as well as her own original artwork. She discovered she also had a talent for writing poetry [1][2] later on in high school. Stephanie had to overcome many obstacles in the course in her life but she still continues.

Early life

When she was young she lived in a mobile home in Maidstone Township/Tecumseh Ontario with her mother Marianne McKay, father Larry McKay and younger sister Amanda. 1989 she was pushed on the ice and suffered a head injury which resulted in a fractured skull. She spent a week recovering at home and during that time she would sit in my room and draw. Shortly after she started having seizures and was diagnosed with having grand mal epilepsy. [3] In November of 1993, her mother was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Stephanie and her family moved into Windsor Ontario her mother could be closer to hospital for treatment. Her mother underwent radiation and chemotherapy for only 6 months before falling victim to the disease on April 4th 1994, which was also Easter Monday. Stephanie was only 11 years old and took it very hard.

Her teenage life got even more difficult when she found out the man who rasied her wasn't her paternal father. It had came out in an argument that ended up with her being kicked out of the house at 15. With nowhere to go, her Grandmother took her in providing her continued her schooling.


Stephanie has had a number of different jobs including being a paramedic, sales representative, general labour and many Volunteer jobs. Those jobs have helped her develop as a person. Now she continues with her artwork [4] on as well as her own website

She has future ambitions to become an actress and is still working on achieving that goal.

Political and personal views

Stephanie has never been one for politics but describes herself as being a democrat. Her other views and things she believes in strongly are animal rights, clean water and air. She is opposed to Hydrualic fracturing or FRACKING


  3. Back in 1989 I was pushed on the ice and suffered a head injury which resulted in a fractured skull. I spent a week recovering at home and during that time I would sit in my room and draw.
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