Stefania Noelle Barr is an American actress, singer, songwriter, composer, photographer, and lead vocalist of indie-alternative band Shrink the Giant.

Life and performance career

Stefania was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on December 4, 1994, to parents of French, Scottish, Scandinavian, and Arabic descent. She is the middle child, two years apart from each of her brothers: Jean-Christian and Sebastian Barr.

She began taking piano lessons at the age of four, and started performing music not long after.

At the age of seven, she started her acting career with her first role in the Disney Channel Original Movie Right On Track. In the months and years following, she played both supporting and leading roles in television spots, commercials, and multiple films. Some of her films include Once Upon A Summer, The Last Sin Eater, Unrest, award winning shorts Life According to Penny, Fifty Cents, and more.

As a young performer, she has been praised for her work ethic and maturity on set. Director Jason Nacey of The Doorstep stated that she “stuck out like a sore thumb”, among other actors her age, after she booked a leading role as a walk-in on the final round of auditions.

As her acting career grew, she continued developing her musical talents. In addition to the piano, she focused on vocal skills, and added new instruments to her repertoire. These included the French Horn, ukulele, mellophone, dulcimer, melodica, bass, accordion, and multiple percussive instruments.

She started her first indie-alternative rock band in early 2010 (called Metanoia) with two high school friends. Stefania sang lead vocals and played lead guitar, with Alyssa Kennington as backup vocals and rhythm guitar, and Thomas Flinders on drums. The trio played local venues together, including the Deer Valley Concert Series of Park City, Utah. After a few short months, they disbanded.

With the direction of manager and producer Jean-Marc Barr, Stefania formed a new indie-alternative band called Shrink the Giant, which includes guitarist and drummer Aaron Hurt. They began recording an album as soon as they got together. The two of them acted as a full band, switching off instruments, recording each part track by track. Much of the time in their home studio was spent learning and refining their engineering skills. They worked together for 21 months before releasing their debut album on May 15, 2012. It was released digitally, worldwide on iTunes,, Google Music, and more. The independent duo sells hard copy CDs by direct contact with fans on their Facebook page. They personally package and ship them in hand-made, recycled boxes.

As a composer, Stefania completed her first musical score in December, 2012 for the film Life According To Penny, in which she also starred as the lead character "Penny." Post-production on the short was completed January, 2012, and it is currently touring festivals across the country. After just one film festival screening, Stefania was nominated for the Best Original Score (which she won) and Best Lead Actress, in the Filmed in Utah Awards. The film itself won Best Short Film and the People's Choice Award, and will likely be made into a feature length film within the next few years. She was also nominated for Best Original Score in the Filmbreak awards, in May 2012.

Recent projects

Barr's most popular work of acting currently is Mainstay Productions' "fan video" for The Hunger Games book series by Suzanne Collins, entitled Second Quarter Quell. She played the role of "Maysilee Donner", an ally to Haymitch Abernathy, one of Collins's main characters. It has reached over six million views, and continues to grow in popularity on YouTube.

Through her online work with Mainstay (including another short film she was featured in for the book Unwind by Neal Shusterman), HarperCollins asked specifically for Stefania to act in a book trailer for Kat Zhang's recently released novel What's Left of Me. The trailer was featured exclusively on Entertainment Weekly upon its release, and is now available on HarperTeen's YouTube channel.

Since the release of their album, Shrink the Giant turned their attention to playing shows. Barr and band mate Aaron recruited a local drummer (Alex Larsen), bassist (Marisa Wilde), and Stefania's brother (Sebastian Barr, a violinist and percussionist) to fill in the parts they recorded on the album. The full performance band began playing local venues together on August 1, 2012.

In September 2012, they submitted one of their songs to a Salt Lake City radio station, X96, in the "Put Your Band Where Our Bash Is" competition. They were chosen as finalists, and after competing against twelve other bands in an online competition, and then the top five groups in a "battle of the bands", they won.

On September 29, 2012, Stefania and the band played at the 17th-annual X96 Toyota "Big Ass Show" as one of nine bands, including Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons, AWOLNATION, Grouplove, The Used, The Wombats, Eve 6, and Dead Sara.

November 16, 2012 marked the release of the Summit Land Conservancy's 2nd Edition book, Summit County: Witness, which used a photograph taken by Barr as the cover image. The same photograph was also printed in Photographer's Forum "Best of High School and College Photography: 2012," earlier in the year, and accepted into the Springville Art Show, of Springville Utah, the previous year.


2012 Lee Aurelia Sundance Institute/Chloe Zhao
2012 Siren's Song Alana 48HFF
2011 Life According to Penny Penny Main character/Award Winning Short
2009 Joseph Katharine Smith
2009 The Last Eagle Scout Young Kira
2008 Once Upon a Summer Andy (8 years old) leading role
2008 Fifty Cents Sam Produced by Five One Films
2008 Illusions Allie
2007 The Dance Ally
2007 Getting Ahead Mackenzie
2006 The Last Sin Eater Glynnis
2006 Unrest Allison Blanchard age 10 uncredited
2005 Doorstep Hailey award winning short film
2005 Snowballs Jennie solo
2005 The First Vampire Hannah
2004 The Haunting Sara
Year Title Role Notes
2007 Return to Halloweentown Bratty Daughter Disney Channel Original Movie
2002 Everwood Featured Directed by Kathy Bates
2001 Right On Track Courtney Enders age 5 Disney Channel Original Movie
Self Appearances
Year Title Role Notes
2011 Staying In Tune Self Award Winning short documentary
Year Title Role Notes
2012 What's Left of Me scene Eva/Addie (Mainstay Productions) based on book by Kat Zhang
2012 What's Left of Me trailer Eva/Addie (Mainstay Productions) Book trailer for HarperCollins
2012 Unwind Kelsey short film
2011 Hunger Games: SECOND QUARTER QUELL Maysilee Donner short film
2009 Christmas Message Cameo
2008 Lemonade Spots Edith

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