SteelTailor is an brand belongs to SteelTailor group of companies. The brand “SteelTailor “ stands for portable CNC cutting machines and solutions for nearly 10 years. This brand focuses on providing the world with innovative and affordable portable CNC cutting solutions. The product line of SteelTailor brand includes a complete product family of portable CNC cutting machines. The design of each machine is based on customers’ need, the cost saving principle, as well the deep understanding on the contactless thermal cutting process. SteelTailor invented and developed a complete product scope of portable CNC cutting machines.

History of SteelTailor and portable CNC cutting machine

The most importable thing of Portable CNC cutting machine is to make the cutting machine more portable, affordable and user friendly. SteelTailor makes continuous effort to make the machine user-friendly in transportation, in Installation, in operation, and in maintenance. SteelTailor gives high attention to machine users’ preference.

SteelTailor also makes high quality machines. It has an world class quality team in its top management. Philippe Glaude, coming from Belgium, with 18 years quality assurance experience in the European Space Agency, is the president of SteelTailor. Philippe said: ”Apart from innovation, I believe the key to success is quality. Quality of products and service, both are critical”. Under Philipe’s leadership, SteelTailor gives much attention to its quality. “Wherever is metal cutting, there must be SteelTailor!” Philippe is very confident in the future of SteelTailor.

The value of SteelTailor is to make machine users happy, distributors win, employees happy and succeed. SteelTailor participates the Spring Bud Fund program with a 10 year plan to sponsor 100 kids from poor families for their schools. By focusing on innovative small and affordable cutting solutions, SteelTailor does everything to speed up its response to customer needs. SteelTailor has made itself successfully the world leader in portable CNC cutting machines.

The history of SteelTailor

In 2000,Beijing ESS Ltd was established.

In 2008,SteelTailor Ltd.(UK) was established.

In 2009 SteelTailor Ltd.(China) was established.

In 2012 SteelTailor Inc.(USA) and an Indian team were established ;

Patent and products

All the products in Steeltailor are original in design and patented. Until 2012 Steeltailor holds 21 patents in CNC cutting machines. Except the Legend II sheet metal plasma cutting which can cut metal as thin as 0.3mm, others are all portable cnc cutting machines. The classic series is SteelTailor Power Series Portable CNC Cutting Machines which is designed more stability and less vibration. SteelTailor made an effort to remove the vibration. The best seller is SteelTailor Valiant2.0 Series Portable CNC Cutting Machines which is more rigid and stable and has a wider rail frame ,rack and pinion precision. The Newly developed one is Dragon I Portable Gantry CNC Cutting Machines which is both précised and stable as a traditional gantry and can cut as wide as 3.5meters(11.48 feet). All the SteelTailor machines are very easy to install and adjust. The New Star is SteelTailor Smart II Portable Table Plasma CNC Cutting Machines, which is like a table CNC and very easy to assemble, easy to operate , easy to maintain.

Title Patent No. Patent No. Patent No.

Power 201020166807.X 201020126797.X 201130080208.6

Valiant2.0 201030697726.8 201120018721.7

SmartI 201030111511.3 201030111511.3

SmartII 201020639611.8 201020639611.8

Legend II 201120012533.3

Dragon 201120026895.8 201130016065.2

Dragon II 201120022983.0 201110026127.7

Awards and accolades SteelTailor is regarded as the world leader of portable CNC cutting machines for its continuous contribution to this industrial sector. The company has received many awards honoring its achievements in the metal cutting business.

2012 Machines Recommended by German Welding Society

2009 ISO14000 certified since May 2009

2007 CE certified for portable CNC cutting machines since 2007

2006 High-tech Enterprise status granted by China Ministry of Science and Technology since year 2006

2006 Credible Enterprise winner and Excellent Brand winner granted by China Light Industry Quality Guarantee Center since 2006

2006 ISO9001:2000 certified since 2006

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