Steel Assassin is a heavy metal band formed in Boston, Massachusetts. Their sound can be compared to Iron Maiden, Crimson Glory, Metal Church, Armored Saint, Jag Panzer, Pharaoh and Helloween.

Early history

Formed as a cover band in 1980, originally called Assassin, by founding guitarist/lyricist Kevin Curran and guitarist Guerric Marruzzi whom he met in art school. The line up was completed by Doug Fahey (drums), Mark Krim (bass) and Doni Escolas (lead singer). Maruzzi was replaced by Mike Mooney in '82 and Fahey was replaced by Greg Michalowski in '83. Shortly after these changes the group officially became STEEL ASSASSIN in 1983. Phil Grasso replaced Steve Bunker in late '83 and penned the song "Executioner" which appeared on Metal Massacre 6 in 1985. Despite acclaimed true metal demo tapes and live shows in the early/mid '80s, STEEL ASSASSIN disbanded in 1985. A brief reunion took place in 1988 keeping the STEEL ASSASSIN name alive. The band members continued on in other projects such as MADD HUNTER, HELLS FELONS, VAGABOND KINGS (Thin Lizzy Tribute featuring Curran, Mooney and Barry Spillberg and Bob Mayo of Wargasm). See Steel Assassin's Official Website [1] and article on Blabbermouth[2]. In 2002, their cumulative demo works between 1983 and 1985 were released in a cd titled From The Vaults.

Recent history

Year 2005 brought 4 of the 5 original members back together again, resulting in heavy writing and rehearsal sessions for the War of the Eight Saints album, which was inspired by the historic events surrounding the historic pre-renaissance conflict, which involved the legendary English mercenary John Hawkwood. New lead singer John Falzone was added to the line-up, and Rich Spillberg (Wargasm) handled the engineering and production duties. The result was a new album of US traditional epic/true power metal. The group signed with Sentinal Steel Records in the summer of 2007. STEEL ASSASSIN played at Germany's Keep It True Festival in November 2007 and Italy's Play It Loud Festival in February 2008. At the outset of 2008, Steel Assassin started writing material for their next project "Metal of Honor"....a World War II concept record featuring new songs such as "Breakout at St. Lo", "The Bridge at Remagen" and "CA-35", as well as a cover of the Rush song Red Sector A, itself about the horrors of The Holocaust.

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